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What I’m looking forward to…..and what I’ll miss…..

As I reflect on my plans for the future and get closer to finalizing my decisions on when, how, and other specific details that are still being mulled over and analyzed (to death, as usual), I find myself thinking a LOT about what I… Continue Reading “What I’m looking forward to…..and what I’ll miss…..”

Planning For The Future

Planning for the future can be a complicated topic.  It means different things for different people.  It even could mean different things for the same person at different times in their life or in certain circumstances.  Future planning can include events like birthday parties,… Continue Reading “Planning For The Future”

Ice Cream

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Ice cream – what is better than that smooth, creamy, cold, delicious treat that brightens eyes and creates smiles?  I have many a fond memory wrapped around ice cream!  While having ice cream in… Continue Reading “Ice Cream”

So much better than snow…

I had a white Christmas, but not here in Sanford and not as plentiful as it was here in Sanford!  I went home for the holiday break and totally missed the record-breaking snow that blanketed the southeast.  Oh, I saw it – through the many… Continue Reading “So much better than snow…”

Friends – a rainbow between two hearts!

I have been thinking about what I wanted to say in this post for a couple of days.  Then, I read a quote on a picture this evening that I decided was the perfect way to start it out.  “Friends – a rainbow between two… Continue Reading “Friends – a rainbow between two hearts!”

If it weren’t for bad luck…

OK, so the title sounds like I’m throwing myself a little pity party…..well, kinda, but not really!  I have way too much to do and think about to fit in a pity party……and, frankly, that’s not usually my style (although I do admit to… Continue Reading “If it weren’t for bad luck…”

Quickie Trip….so worth it!!!

Going home is always a treat.  No doubt or argument there.  I give a lot of thought to the pros and cons of going for 1-2 extended trips or multiple shorter trips each year.  Both definitely have distinct benefits and downfalls.  In past years,… Continue Reading “Quickie Trip….so worth it!!!”

25 Years

The anniversary of a major milestone in my life is about to happen.  It includes not one, but two major life altering events that, together, changed my life forever.  The week of June 21st marks the 25 year anniversary of these two events and the… Continue Reading “25 Years”

Point Breeze – Rich in History and Rebirth

This is the view of the west side pier at the mouth of the Oak Orchard Harbor at Point Breeze, NY in 1871.  Point Breeze is located on Lake Ontario in the Town of Carlton just north of my home town of Albion, NY. … Continue Reading “Point Breeze – Rich in History and Rebirth”

Drive-In Movies

I grew up during the height of the Drive-In theater popularity.  I loved spending time at the Orleans Drive-In as a child and as a teen.  Many memories center around nights at the drive-in.  Random thoughts / memories involving drive-in theaters: Mom would load… Continue Reading “Drive-In Movies”