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What’s New?

Lot’s going on — busy, busy, busy!!!  All kinds of stuff to blog about and purge from rattling around in my mind!!!  So, I will take a few minutes out of my beautiful, relaxed Saturday morning to capture some of my thoughts before I… Continue Reading “What’s New?”


Home is where the heart is.  Home sweet home.  There’s no place like home.   We know all this, but what makes home, home?  Is it where you were born, where you grew up, where you currently live?  Is it a specific place, an area,… Continue Reading “Home”

Memories of Beatles

It doesn’t take much to connect The Beatles to a significant memory.  They played a HUGE part in my life.  So, when I read Billy Liggett’s editorial in Sunday’s Sanford Herald, I found myself running through the many, many Strawberry Fields in my mind.  I… Continue Reading “Memories of Beatles”

So much to write about!

I sat down to write all about all my adventures several times, but every time I did, I decided to wait and add something else!!!  I’ve crammed so much into this trip it will take a novel to cover it all!!!  I promise to go… Continue Reading “So much to write about!”


I turned the calendar page this morning to reveal the month of March!  Yes, it is March already – wasn’t Christmas just yesterday or the day before?  As I turned the calendar, I discovered that March has a lot to offer – beginning with… Continue Reading “March…”

Look what I found….

I was going through some files this evening and came across a newspaper clipping of an article I wrote quite some time ago.  I didn’t include the date in the cut out, but the hint written in the article makes me think it must… Continue Reading “Look what I found….”

Final Resting Place

This is the final post in the series of photos that I took while I was visiting my Mom over the Memorial Day weekend. I saved what I think is the best for last — the final post will be focused on the historic… Continue Reading “Final Resting Place”

Memories of School Days

Here are some more of the shots I took around my home town when I was up there a couple weeks ago. This post will focus on the schools – but, before I get into that part: Billy Liggett’s editorial in this morning’s Herald… Continue Reading “Memories of School Days”

Rich In History

There is a sign right about where the downtown area starts in my hometown that reads “Welcome To Albion – Where History Lives”! I like what it says and that they chose to put it right where so much history is concentrated in one… Continue Reading “Rich In History”

Weekend Adventure – The Rest of the Story

So — it wasn’t all that bad — after I settled in from Day One and had a good night’s sleep, the weekend turned out really great!!! Friday — On Friday, Mom and I spent the day talking and enjoying each other’s company. We… Continue Reading “Weekend Adventure – The Rest of the Story”