Autumn in WNY

There are some awesome places to view the beauty that Autumn brings to our lives…….most mountainous areas offer amazing scenery!  I personally have enjoyed the changing leaves along the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC’s Blue Ridge Mountains, in the Adirondack Mountains of NY, and in the hills of West Virginia, among other places. I hope someday to spend some time enjoying the foliage in the upper New England states – Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. But, I’m here to tell you that right here in Western New York is right up there among the most beautiful color shows – and I don’t have to travel to see it! In fact, the fall colors are as close as my own neighborhood – the street and area around where I live is fairly abundant with trees, so I can sit at my desk and look out across the street or sit on my back patio and enjoy Mother Nature’s majesty as much as I want! Albion and the surrounding area is rather rural, so any drive outside the Village will result in viewing farmer’s fields framed with woods ablaze with reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns – all intertwined like paints on an artist’s palette. And, of course, just a little over an hour away is the incredible Letchworth State Park, which I recently visited, but was too early to see the leaves in full color! Yes, the scenery that accompanies the fall colors in the mountains adds to the beauty, but the beautiful rural settings of WNY are not to be dismissed when counting the locations perfect for leaf watching every autumn.

I took these shots from my back patio:

And these shots were taken at our historic Mt. Albion Cemetery, which is a gorgeous place any time of the year, but it comes alive with spectacular color in Autumn:

Aahh – God and Mother Nature make a great team!  What amazing beauty for us to behold – and it is all right here to see every day of the season!

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