All Aboard……..

A couple of weeks ago, I took advantage of an opportunity to focus on enjoying the beauty of October in WNY.  It was a gorgeous 70 degree October Sunday – perfect for a scenic train ride.  The next town over from us is Medina and Medina has an impressive Railroad Museum full of railroad and other local memorabilia.  The museum also has a working train of vintage 1947 Budd passenger coaches and offers excursions with various themes – they do a Thomas The Train ride, a Polar Express ride, Winery Tours, and other seasonal scenic tours – including a Foliage Tour, which is the one I took on Sunday, October 7th.  The ride goes from Medina to Lockport along the historic Erie Barge Canal Corridor (note to self:  I should write a post about the canal one day – what an amazing piece of history for our state that runs right through our town…….OK, that’s enough digressing) and takes two hours round trip.

I went after church and got there early, so I had time to tour the museum – that was a real treat!  We boarded the train at 2:00, greeted by an uniformed conductor yelling “All aboard” – just like in the movies!  I chose my seat next to a window that I could open – it was such a warm, sunny day, I thought having an open window would be nice – and it was!  Not long after the train left the station, the conductors came through the coaches saying, “Tickets?” and they took each ticket and punched it.  The trip to Lockport was a slow ride to allow easy viewing of the scenery and ample photo opportunities.  The return trip was faster – just zoomed us on home!  So, here are a sampling of the photos I took:

Let’s start with photos of the inside of the Railroad Museum.  When you first enter the museum, you come on to a display of old telegraph, teletype, and typewriter equipment – very cool.  The majority of the museum houses the largest HO scale train display in NY at approximately 200 feet long and 14 feet wide.  The track winds around through various historical and geographical points of interest throughout Orleans County – fascinating – it shows a thriving area of familiar vintage and current sites and even a working carnival.

After the tour, I proceeded outside to wait for our boarding time.

I took this picture of a fabricated grill on the side deck of the station house because (1) it looked cool and (2) my grandfather’s name was Marlin!!!

This is the coach I rode on and that first window to the right is where my seat was!

And off we go……

Some shots of the scenery:

One of the best parts of the trip was going over the “upside down bridge” in Lockport.  This is a VERY high bridge just big enough for the train tracks that goes over the canal near the locks.  The first photo is actually taken from the Medina Railroad Museum web page (no way I could get a shot of the bridge from the train).  The other photos following it (and the one just above this) are what I could see from the train.

So, that’s my train adventure.  Probably should have waited another week to go and the leaves would have been out in fuller color, but then the weather wouldn’t have been so perfect!  I really enjoyed it, though — I could feel the train movement for several hours after and I had a slight headache from the “chugga-chugga” for two hours, but it was a very pleasant ride and a relaxing afternoon!

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