The BEST Day

OK, so take a picture of today and put it with a notation of today’s date in the dictionary under “The BEST Day” – it is all you will need to effectively define that particular phrase. Because, today truly was THE best day! I enjoyed every minute of it and am kinda bummed that it has to end!

To start, it was a lovely day – weather-wise. Mid-40s – which is a welcome break for what has been a cold January, so far – sunny, and not at all windy (unlike yesterday, which was so windy I could barely stand up). I spent the morning walking all over downtown and driving to a few other spots in and just outside of town distributing posters for an upcoming church fundraiser – our annual lasagna dinner next Thursday. It was such a pretty day that it made for a very pleasant stroll up and down the streets of downtown stopping in at every store, shop, and office that was open. I had some very nice conversations and even ran into an old friend and took the time for a little “catch up” chat!

*** Shameless Plug Alert ***

2013 Lasagna Dinner Poster0001

Then, I had plans to meet up with a couple of friends I went to school with for lunch. We were going to talk about how to go about getting started planning our 40th class reunion. Now, every time I get together with any of my high school friends I have a GREAT time! And this was no exception. One of the friends, Linda, and I have seen each other several times since I’ve been back home and some before I moved back and we’re friends on Facebook…….so, we know what we look like now that we’re no longer teenagers!  🙂  But, I literally have not seen Pam since we graduated and we planned to meet in a restaurant where it may have been awkward if we didn’t recognize each other. So, last night, I had a dream that we were both sitting at separate tables just a few feet apart thinking the other was a “no-show”!  But, I was worried for nothing – I was already seated and she walked in and we knew each other right away! I told her of my fear that we might not recognize each other and she laughed and said she had the same concern and that, in her mind, I looked like the girl with the long blonde hair in our year book! Which I totally understand, because having been away for so many years and not watching my friends age along with me, I still “see” them in my mind as the same as they were when we were in school – so, I was picturing her as she was in the year book, too!

*** I Wish ***

Kim_Sr Picture_1974

Yeah, the years may have caused some changes, but the face and eyes were a dead give away for both of us! And then, Linda arrived and the three of us had a wonderful lunch and conversation for over three hours!!! We talked, caught up, laughed, reminisced, and – yes – discussed how we go about getting started planning for our reunion. I had so much fun! One of my favorite things to do is getting reconnected with old friends – I just love it!

Then, I spent the evening with new friends. I participated in our weekly Bible Study class at the church, which is always filled with interesting conversations with people I have come to really enjoy being with. Afterwards, one of my new friends – Cathy – and I went to the elementary school and walked the halls. The elementary school opens up after all the children have left for the day for the community to use as an indoor walking trail – 4.4 times around the trail is one mile and it is a safe, temperature controlled environment to walk in. I have heard others talk about it and even thought about joining other friends, but this is the first time I actually went through with it. Cathy and I walked and talked and it was, yet another, great part of an already amazing day!

And to top it off, I came home and the girls were so very happy to see me!!!  🙂  I had been in and out all day, so it wasn’t like they were left alone all day…….but, I was gone the majority of the day and I’m sure they thought I had abandoned them. So, when I came home, it was like they hadn’t seen me in FOREVER and they whined and jumped and barked and kissed and practically knocked me to the floor to get a hug! What joy!

I think I’ll sleep pretty good tonight – once I unwind, I’ll likely be ready to crash after all that laughing, talking, fresh air, walking, and excitement!  🙂

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