Ring Them Bells

I love the sound of bells and chimes.  I typically have several wind chimes out in the yard to sing with the breeze.  I haven’t put them out here, yet – I’m waiting for the planned landscaping to be completed before I figure out the best place to put them, but I will be enjoying them soon enough.  Before I left Sanford, I was shopping at the Artist Colony and bought a lovely set of chimes made by a local potter – I can’t wait to hang them on the front porch – they sound amazing!  I was also happy to learn that my washer and dryer “chime” a little tune when they are done doing the laundry!

There are two chimes that bring me a lot of comfort and enjoyment:

  • I have my Grandfather’s mantel clock – it sits on top of my Grandmother’s china closet.  It had stopped working some time ago and I recently had it repaired.  It now chimes the most beautiful Westminster tune and then chimes the hour at the top of every hour around the clock.  It gives me warm fuzzy feelings and I love it!!!
  • A sound that I attribute to the joy of small town living is the ringing of church bells several times every day.  I can sit on my patio and hear them play for about 10-15 minutes at 7:00 am, 12:00 noon, and 6:00 pm.  Every day.  So beautiful.

The church bells and chimes that have become a part of my life are calming and joyful.  I hope they never end!

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