Directionally Challenged

I readily admit it.  I have a major problem.  I am, to put it bluntly, directionally challenged.  I can get lost in my own back yard if getting around it requires the ability to know what direction I’m headed.  I am proud to say that I have gotten lost in major cities all over this great country of ours!  So much so that it was a running joke with co-workers who traveled with me on business to not let me navigate cause I’ll get us lost!  I not only don’t know where north, south, east, or west are, I often have to stop and think about my left and my right!  Also, I do better with written directions because I have a difficult time figuring out where I am and where I’m going on a map.  I know……I’m a mess!  So, I am extremely grateful for the invention of the GPS device!  I have a big one……..that talks to me (remember, I don’t do well with maps – just tell me where to turn, which way to turn, and when to turn – don’t make me have to follow a map – especially when I’m driving).

But, there is some good news here and yet another reason why I’m happy to be back home.  There is only one place on the planet that I actually DO know where north, south, east, and west are!  I can tell what direction I’m facing and if someone says “it is on the east side”, I know what side they mean!  That one place is right here in Western NY.  And I owe it all to Lake Ontario.  No matter where I am, I almost always know where the lake is and that it is north.  I can just look towards the lake and picture a compass in my head – I’ll be facing north and east is to my right and west is to my left and south is behind me!

So, there you have it……..if you need me to know what direction something is, you’d better either do it here in Western NY or ensure I have an actual compass or GPS in my hand!

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