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I envision far away friends and family who rely on this blog to keep up with me are thinking I am sitting around twiddling my thumbs a lot…….WRONG!!! I’m not spending my retirement in a rocking chair on the porch…….although, I do keep wondering where those “quiet, slow retirement years” are! I keep myself pretty busy – maybe too busy – if I slowed down a little, I might have more time to write! ūüôā

So, I thought I’d take some time this morning to share some recent thoughts, photos, and mini adventures.

First – I took a photo at church last Sunday that I absolutely LOVE! I shared it on the church blog I write – click here to check out that post. But, I want to share the photo¬†here, too, because it is such a peaceful, lovely photo depicting a beautiful sentiment – it is of the altar adornment placed by a friend of mine in honor of her mother’s birthday. I love the photo and am so glad I snapped it.


A couple weeks ago, the Ladies Luncheon group from church went on our annual lunch at the Glen Iris Inn at Letchworth State Park. I love going there and always try to capture a little of the beauty in photos. Here are a few I took this year. Also, you can view more photos of Letchworth from last year’s post by clicking here.


The flowery pathway to the entrance to the Glen Iris Inn


The Glen Iris Inn


The front door all adorned for Autumn


The beautiful entry hall, reservation table, and entrance into the dining room


The Glen Iris is located right across from the Middle Falls – which I believe is the most spectacular of the three beautiful water falls in Letchworth

On the way home from Letchworth, I decided to not use my GPS (topic for another post)¬†– just drive north and west until I found something familiar. The route took me through Wyoming (no, I wasn’t THAT far off track – Wyoming the village, not Wyoming the state!). I drove by their Village Hall and had to turn around and go back for a closer look. It is a stunning building! I wish this photo hadn’t come out so dark — it doesn’t do it justice at all, but didn’t realize it wasn’t a good photo until I was home and downloaded it……wasn’t about to go back for another shot at it!


With all the rain we’ve been having, I’ve noticed a lot more mushrooms pop up in my yard! Mostly in the back yard and mostly just little ones in clumps of 4 or 5. But, last week, I was walking back from the mailbox and one in the front yard caught my eye. At first, I thought it was a ball that made it into my yard from one of the little girls who live next door. But, when I got a better look, I realized it was a HUGE mushroom……with a smiley face on it!!! I ran and got my camera and went over to get a photo!¬†Unfortunately, once I got up close, the smiley face wasn’t as prominent as it was from a distance, but at about 6-8 inches across, it was still pretty darned impressive. If you look closely, you can see a dark smudge under the two “eyes” and imagine that was what looked like a big smile!


A few weeks ago, I¬†opened the patio doors to let the girls out for their morning constitutional and immediately saw the most breathtakingly beautiful flower blossom I think I’ve ever seen!¬†My neighbor to the back has a lovely wild flower garden just the other side of my fence that I enjoy throughout the summer. She inherited the garden when they bought the house, but tries to add something to it every year. I don’t know if this is one that has been there before or is a new addition, but it is the first time¬†I have noticed it blossom. I was mesmerized by it! I ran upstairs to get dressed so that I could go out for a closer look and a photo! I discovered it is a hibiscus – I wasn’t aware that they would grow this far north, since they are typically a tropical flower, but apparently there is a hearty variety! I¬†am having a few¬†new plants put in before the¬†planting season ends and told the landscaper to be sure to include at least one of these! Incredible!!!


Another recent¬†mini adventure was a drive to Olcott Beach on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. I love going to Olcott – it isn’t very far, is a nice drive, and I always see or do something fun! This trip, I went with a friend and we made a couple stops at other attractions that I have never seen before.


On the way to Olcott, we stopped to see the 30-Mile Point Lighthouse – gorgeous!!!


On the boardwalk at Olcott, they were celebrating the end of the season – a guy with a guitar was singing for the folks who were eating lunch!


It was a VERY windy day at the lake!


This handcrafted “lady” in the flowers made me smile!


After we left Olcott, we travelled further west on Rt. 18 to Wilson – I’ve never been to Wilson. We stopped at the Wilson Harbor and had lunch at the Wilson Boat House – right beside this lovely strip of shoppes and lighthouse.


I love scallops and noticed an appetizer called “scallop cake tower” and was intrigued! I ordered it and fell madly in love! They are just like a crab cake, only made with chopped up scallops — YUMMMMMMM!!!!

Another spot along our wonderful Lake Ontario that I visited recently for the first time is Yates Park. After the Beef on Weck Dinner fundraiser at the church, Mom, a friend of ours, and I went to a Lyndonville Lions Club event at Yates Park on the lake. They had a 50s-60s band that was¬†excellent called Crash Cadillac. We sat on the lawn in the park and listened to the music. It was such a pretty night! And… know me, I couldn’t be that close to the water without¬†gazing out at it and snapping a few photos!






And, finally, now that I think we’re all caught up (at least with the noteworthy stuff), I’ll leave you with one more photo…….one stormy night a couple weeks ago, I was¬†driving up Main¬†Street headed home and the sky looked quite ominous! I pulled over and¬†got this shot!


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  1. Once again you have wet my appetite for posting subjects. Letchworth and the Glen Iris have been on my list. I never knew about the light house. Thanks for the post and ideas.

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