Talk To Me, Maggie…..

Last week, Tuesday, I got in my car to drive to Letchworth State Park – not a difficult trip, but not one I’m used to (only driven there once before in my adult driving life). So, I plugged the address in my trusty Magellan GPS, Maggie, and headed out. It wasn’t long before I realized Maggie wasn’t talking to me! I have no idea what I must have done to deserve the cold shoulder silent treatment, but she was refusing to speak! Oh, she was gladly showing me the way, but the best part about having a GPS is the talking feature so you can be directed without taking your eyes off the road! But, my previously loyal friend and traveling companion had failed me! I pulled over and shut it off and on several times, played with the volume and the speaker control….nothing convinced her to start talking, again! I started to panic, but shook it off!

The independent woman in me was just stubborn enough to keep going, anyway. I really didn’t have the time to turn around and go home to print off the directions – besides, if I had to read directions, I could just as easily read the screen as Maggie silently showed me the way. I was fine — it got a little confusing as we got closer and the turns came more frequently, but I made it! Then, on the way home, I decided to not even turn her on…….she betrayed me when I needed her the most, so I was not going to give her the satisfaction of using her, again! I just kept heading north and west until I found a familiar town and route and was home free!!!

I arrived home and got right on the computer to research new GPS units! My first thought was to get another one just like Maggie – she was the second one I’ve had of the same brand and model – the first was an older version (Sissy) and started to have some problems when I bought Maggie to replace her. But, as much as I loved the 7″ screen for visibility and ease of entering info, it was heavy and awkward. So, I asked a friend which one they have – I liked their GPS we used on a recent vacation! Their model was discontinued, but I found a similar version with some added features. So, the next day, I went to Best Buy on the Ridge to get one!

And, now, I have Gabby – a lovely Garmin – and, so far, I adore her!!! I haven’t made any long trips, yet, but set all my options and settings and even picked a great sounding English accent for her.  I used it for a couple short drives around town and am very happy with her! The best part??? She not only talks to ME, I can talk to HER — she has voice recognition, so I can speak commands, instead of just typing them in! COOL BEANS!!!

So, goodbye, Maggie – sorry for whatever I did to make you go silent on me, but I don’t have the patience to deal with a GPS that won’t talk! And, hello, Gabby – may we have many, many great adventures together!

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