Ice, Ice, Baby…

Here in Western New York, we get all kinds of weather…..sometimes multiple different weather events in any given day! HA! More than a week before winter even officially began, as per the calendar, we were digging out and blowing more than a foot of snow accumulated on the ground! It was light and fluffy and beautiful…..but, too much, too early!!! Then, last week – just a couple days before the first day of winter – the temperatures rose and lots of rain fell and the mass thawing started and there was flooding and mud and ugly, dirty residual snow galore! And, I bet you can guess what happened next…yep…the temps dropped, again…and the rain turned to sleet and freezing rain….and we woke up in Antarctica!

It was cool to see, but very dangerous and frustrating to experience – the power was (and still is) out for thousands in our county and there are trees downed by the weight of the ice all over the place! BAD!!!

Here are some shots taken on Sunday morning:


Frosty is REALLY frosty covered in a solid coat of ice


Santa’s beard is frozen and dripping in icicles


The arborvitae looks more like a glass statue than a live tree


Crab Apple Ice Wine, anyone?




Poor frozen angel hanging from the weeping crab apple tree


This flag stuck to itself mid-flap and froze that way — solid — hard as a rock!


Patio table coated with ice


Now for the ugly part…..this is my back yard…..flooded, muddy, slushy, and frozen! YUCK!

Stay warm, peeps == winter has just begun!

2 Comments on “Ice, Ice, Baby…

  1. It is amazing how the weather is so different an hour drive west of here. We had a lot of rain (the snow is all gone) and very little ice, which is also gone. Nice pictures! Kim have a wonderful Christmas. Tom

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