Show Review – “My Gal Patsy” A Patsy Cline Tribute Show

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Mom and I went to see a Patsy Cline tribute show – “My Gal Patsy”, tonight – tickets for us to enjoy the show together was one of my birthday gifts. I remember going to another Patsy tribute show – “A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline” – at the Temple Theater in Sanford, NC (click here to read my review of that show) and I loved it, so I was really looking forward to seeing this one! I was not disappointed – it was a fantastic evening!

First, let’s talk about the venue. Amy Sidari owns a local dance studio – Gotta Dance Studio. Not too long ago, she opened up a part of her studio as “The Cabaret at Studio B”. It is a small, intimate nightclub / cabaret like setting with a stage and bistro tables and chairs. She has had several shows that highlight local or regional talent – singing, dancing, comedy, etc. It was really quite nice and I can’t wait to check out other shows! Click here for more information on Miss Amy’s dance studio and The Cabaret at Studio B.

Josie Waverly – the star of tonight’s show – is a regional favorite that has performed all over the country in her own shows, as well as opening for many of Nashville’s biggest stars! As Patsy Cline, she brings the legend to life right before your eyes….and does an amazing job of it!!! She has the voice of an angel with the range, cracking, and growl all reminiscent of Patsy, herself, but with her own distinct quality. Of course, she performed the big Patsy Cline hits, like Crazy, Sweet Dreams, and Walking After Midnight. But, she really touched my heart with my personal favorites – Back In Baby’s Arms and She’s Got You! I sobbed the most when she sang one of my favorite hymns – one I love hearing recordings of Patsy singing – A Closer Walk With Thee – gets me EVERY TIME!!! And I smiled when she did one that I had forgotten that Patsy did – There He Goes – love it and hadn’t heard it in years! She also did several country classics that Patsy did in her shows. I didn’t sit still for a second during the entire 90 minute show – I was just a bee-bopping, swaying, and foot tapping away – and I even lost my fight to keep from singing out loud on a few of my favorites……and, I didn’t even try to fight back the tears and grins!!! Unfortunately, it was the quickest 90 minutes in history – I hated to see it end – I could have stayed there and listened to her for several more hours and still wanted more!!!

Her band was amazing, too! During her costume changes, they entertained us – the first was Tim Micsak performing Willie Nelson’s Always On My Mind and the second was an absolutely incredible rendition of Orange Blossom Special that brought chills to my bones!!! I LOVE a good fiddle and this guy – Gene “Sandy” Watson (who also played a mean steel guitar) – is GOOD, actually, “good” doesn’t come close to describing it! I got excited when I saw him come to the center mic with the fiddle in his hands and when that most perfect fiddle song started, I about came out of my chair! Throughout the entire song, it was all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and kicking up my heels in a clog…….except that I really need a good pair of cowboy boots to do a clog justice and I had sneakers on, so……. 🙂  The rest of the band were incredible, too, and they looked like they were having a blast – especially the keyboard player, Bob Mondy – he was really into it!!! If you know me, you know I love a good drummer and Dave Forti didn’t disappoint!  It was also cool to see that the band includes Albion’s own Angelo Marasco on bass guitar, whose wife, Rachel, is a friend of mine from church!!! They were all VERY good!

At the end of the show, Josie told the audience that tonight was her last performance of “My Gal Patsy”…….which resulted in a lot of groans of disappointment from the audience! She is working on a new show – I forgot what she called it, but it will feature nine women of country music – all performed by Josie!!! I can not wait until that one comes out – sounds like a MUST SEE show! She also said she is hoping to put together a Connie Francis tribute show – that’s one I’ll want to be sure to see, too – the minute she said her name, my mind went instantly into a chorus of Where The Boys Are……!!!!!!

The show wasn’t the only highlight of the night…….we ran into several friends, there – some old friends of Mom’s and mine, some friends from church, and some girls I graduated with, including one high school friend and her husband who joined us at our table! Then, after the show, Mom and I went to The Village House for a piece of pie and cup of tea to cap off the evening! It was a totally enjoyable night all around! I couldn’t wait to get home and write about it to share my pleasure with all who stumble on this blog and read it! 🙂

So, to close this review and give you just a sample of what is still playing over and over in my head…….here are some video clips of Patsy and Charlie Daniels – enjoy!!!

First up — one of the biggest highlights of the night – The Orange Blossom Special – performed in this clip by the master – Mr. Charlie Daniels:

Patsy singing A Closer Walk With Thee:

Patsy singing Crazy:

And, my personal favorite – Patsy singing She’s Got You:

And, finally, I can’t close without including Patsy singing Sweet Dreams:

2 Comments on “Show Review – “My Gal Patsy” A Patsy Cline Tribute Show

  1. Good morning Kim,
    I wish that I had known about the Patsy Cline show! She has always been a favorite of mine. Josie Waverly is certainly a local mainstay in this community; she performed regularly at the old Rustlers Roost in Henrietta. Thanks for the memories.

    • Tom – she isn’t giving up the Patsy show forever – just long enough to learn the new show, then she plans to return Patsy to the road. I’ll let you know if I hear of the return and when the new show is touring.

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