KP’s Pony

Last week I said good bye to my precious pony……a gorgeous 2005 red Mustang GT convertible! I have always loved the muscle cars – I had two Camaros and a Dodge Daytona years ago, but really longed for a Mustang for as long as I can remember! I also dreamed of having a convertible, but never did have one. So, I promised myself I’d have a convertible before I was 50 – I called it my mid-life crisis gift to myself! HA! In 2004, I looked at the 40th anniversary Mustangs and the retro T-birds and came close to buying one or the other. But, I heard rumors of a retro Mustang coming out in 2005, so I knew that was what I wanted……so, I waited……but, when they first came out, they didn’t have a convertible option!!! DANG!!! I found out the convertibles would be released for sale later – by April 2005! That was it…….I searched inventories on the web for every dealer in NC to find exactly what I wanted – it had to be red – it had to be a convertible – it had to be a GT…….and I found one right near by in Raleigh……and I got it – just in time to fulfill my promise to myself to have a convertible BEFORE I was 50 (it was April and I turned 49 in October)!!! I loved that car!!! My pony and I went on many an adventure together! And, then, I moved back home to Western NY and quickly realized I needed a winter car so I could garage the pony and keep her out of the snow and salt…….not to mention that a Mustang with that much power and rear wheel drive doesn’t do well in snow! Soon it became obvious that it just didn’t make sense to continue to maintain two vehicles – one that sat in the garage a large portion of the year! So, I very reluctantly put her up for sale…….and the right buyer came along last week. I felt good about the buyer – a guy looking for a summer vehicle for him and his wife to drive around and travel with……just what I hoped for! Although I know it was the right thing to do, I am still heartbroken — I’ve passed my baby on to someone else! 😦

          005  014

And, now, as a parting tribute…… theme song – Mustang Sally – any time it came on the radio while I was driving, I’d turn it up full blast and sing along at the top of my lungs (it was especially entertaining if the top was down and I was in traffic…..hehehe) – I’ll never be able to listen to it again without thinking of my precious pony!!!

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