Sunday Stills – Blue

Here’s something fun….let’s see what I can do with it each week!!!???

I’ve been following a really cool new local WNY Blog – Backroads Traveller – Tom (the blogger) posts about things he sees and places he visits in and around Western NY every day. I really enjoy his blog. Yesterday, he posted about a new blog that he found – Sunday Stills, Adventures in Photography – this blogger posts a weekly challenge to share photos with a particular theme that changes each week. I checked out the blog and found it to be really cool! People who accept the challenge take photos based on the weekly theme and post them on THEIR blog and then enter a link to it in the comments section of that week’s challenge post! Cool, right? Through this, I’ve found some great blogs AND viewed some really incredible photos!  So, I plan to give it a shot……this week, I am posting photos I have previously taken during various adventures…..from here on out, I plan to try to meet the challenge by taking new photos, whenever possible.

This week’s challenge:  THE COLOR BLUE – and we were asked to not cop out and do the obvious (water and sky – although, you know these are two of my favorite things to take photos of). So, here goes:


First up – a blue cow – taken at the Jello Museum in Leroy, NY


Next – items purchased at an art auction to benefit the Temple Theater in Sanford, NC

Day 1_Hilton Head_South Beach

Blue buildings in Hilton Head, SC

Day 2_Hilton Head Diner

And, finally, the Hilton Head Diner in Hilton Head, SC

Watch for next week’s challenge…….

5 Comments on “Sunday Stills – Blue

  1. Jello cow rules! Excellent pics and welcome to Sunday Stills and thanks for the praise, I’ve been doing it for almost 4 years now. Don’t worry I’ll get back to water and sky themes in the new year..:-))

  2. The Jello cow is terrific! She must have been part of the “Cow Parade” a few years back. All nice selections, and welcome to Sunday Stills. 🙂

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