Movie Review – About Time

MV5BMTA1ODUzMDA3NzFeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDgxMTYxNTk@__V1_SX214_I went to the movies on Thursday with a friend. We decided on a matinee showing of a new romantic comedy – About Time – staring Rachel McAdams.  Good Choice!!! This met all my criteria for me to claim it was an excellent movie – I loved the characters, I laughed, I cried, and I left feeling good! Enough said……I liked it…….go see it!!!

PSYCH……you know there is no way I would end it there and not say anymore about it…..right???

The movie is set in England where, at age 21, Tim Lake’s father informs him of a family secret – all the men in the family can travel in time! Tim, of course, thinks it is a silly joke, but his father insists he give it a try. So, Tim does as his father says – fully expecting to return to the room and have a good ole belly laugh with his father about his gullible nature. But, it works! On his first “trip”, he goes back to a New Year’s Eve party his parents hosted the night before. At the party, he was too shy to kiss the also very shy girl he was standing next to at the stroke of midnight – he just shook her hand, instead! It leaves them both standing there as the only two in the entire room not kissing someone and it hurts the girl’s feelings terribly. On his return visit, he goes in for the kiss and makes a success of the evening for both of them. His father tells him that they can not travel into the future and, therefore, can’t predict what will happen in their lives. They also can not go back to some time or event that they weren’t involved in – so, they can’t change history by killing Hitler or preventing a world altering catastrophe. But, they can go back to relive or redo certain times and events from their own life. Tim questions the whole “what happens to the future if we mess with the past” theory and his father tells him that so long as they don’t change anything significant, the universe will go on unaltered.

So, Tim decides to use this to get a girlfriend and fall in love. He tries with a friend of his sister’s, but fails miserably at it. Then, he moves to London to be a lawyer and meets the beautiful, but very insecure Mary and he knows she’s the one! He takes his little trips back in time to fix any awkward moments they encounter to ensure everything is just perfect! And, love blossoms and they marry and have children and all is wonderful! He finds he rarely uses his gift because life is so perfect he wouldn’t change a thing! And, then, he discovers there are restrictions that cause him to have to make some tough decisions. His father reminds him that he never told him he could fix everything and there are things he wants desperately to change and either CAN’T change them or if he does it will drastically change his present and future! So, he has to decide – will he sacrifice some aspects of his future so he can continue to hold onto and visit the past or will he say goodbye to some important parts of the past so that he can continue to add joys to his future?

It is an amazing story — one I wish could be true! Who wouldn’t want a chance for those little “do-overs” that could make up for an awkward situation or correct when you put your foot in your mouth or undo that really stupid thing you did!!!??? And, who hasn’t wished with all their heart that they could have just one more moment to spend with someone they loved and lost – to hug them, to kiss them, to say goodbye – I know there are a few that I’d give anything and everything to have that chance, but I know it just isn’t possible…….

Tim is played by Domhnall Gleeson – an Irish actor, director, and writer. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him before, but will watch for him in the future – he did an excellent job at portraying the shy and awkward Tim who finds new confidence and courage once he discovers his family secret. Rachel McAdams is the lovely Mary. I adore Rachel McAdams and have enjoyed every character I have ever seen her portray – this was no exception! British actor, Bill Nighy is brilliant and ever so fun as Tim’s father – I loved this character a LOT! Other memorable characters:   Joshua McGuire plays Tim’s friend and fellow lawyer – a silly, awkward young man who was really funny and lovable! Richard Cordery is Tim’s Uncle Desmond, a well dressed and very eccentric man who was off in his own little world most of the time – he was a joy to watch. Tom Hollander is a real hoot as a friend of Tim’s father – a very strange author who Tim rents a room from in London. The rest of Tim’s rather bohemian family consists of Lindsay Duncan as his mother and Lydia Wilson as his wild and crazy sister, Kit Kat.

I said it earlier and I’ll say it again…….I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! I love a movie that gives me a good cry and this one made me SOB and SOB, but was also funny and heart warming and heart wrenching and adorable and fun and…….you get the picture! I rate this one a solid A+ and highly recommend it……but, take some extra Kleenex – you’ll need them!

Here is the trailer — enjoy:

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