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A Saturday Well Spent

Saturdays are often a struggle of whether or not to take care of business or sit back and enjoy the end to a long work week.  You know – some business can only be taken care of on Saturday morning and there is all… Continue Reading “A Saturday Well Spent”

Beginnings, Endings and Beginnings

The beginning?  Well, I guess you can say the fall of 2005 was the beginning of the beginning.  There was “some sorta” before that and it really truly began after that, but yeah, let’s go with the fall of 2005.  Because it was then… Continue Reading “Beginnings, Endings and Beginnings”

Follow Ups, Updates, Etc…

Lots of stuff has been going on in my life, lately.  Lots of thoughts are bumping around in my head.  Lots of things I find that I have an opinion on.  So, here I am thinking I should probably find a way to get them… Continue Reading “Follow Ups, Updates, Etc…”

Day Fit For A King

Today – January 8th – was a day fit for a king!  Yep, the King, Elvis Presley, would have turned 75 years old today!  But that wasn’t the only notable thing that happened, or for that matter, didn’t happen today!  I have a lot of thoughts… Continue Reading “Day Fit For A King”

Huge Hit!

It is all over – the night Lee County has been looking forward to has passed – Dancing with the Lee County Stars was a huge success!  As I stood watching the volunteers finish with the clean up efforts in the near empty hall at the Dennis A.… Continue Reading “Huge Hit!”

Hang on to your hats, boys!

This is going to be a WILD week — seat belts and helmets required!!!  We’re down to the wire with the CIS Dancing with the Lee County Stars event.  Friday is the big nite!  So — the week ahead will be wild, rough, and… Continue Reading “Hang on to your hats, boys!”

Dancing with the Lee County Stars

NOTICE:  This event has SOLD OUT!!!  We’re sorry, but there are no more tickets available for sale or sponsorships!  Online voting is still available – so please visit the event web site at to continue to cast your votes for your favorite dancing… Continue Reading “Dancing with the Lee County Stars”

Saturday Morning

The weekend is here!  Lots to talk about – CIS Dancing with the Lee County Stars event; CARA events; some updates on my ongoing home renovations; and more!  Who said that summer days are “lazy”?  I am definitely in high gear and busy, busy,… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning”

What’s on my mind?

So, what’s on my mind this morning?  LOTS!!!  I, like some of my fellow bloggers, have been pretty bad about blogging on a regular basis!  Mostly because I have been on two vacations in the last couple of months and been really busy with… Continue Reading “What’s on my mind?”

2nd Annual CARA Dinner at Bella Bistro

A great event has been brought to my attention – one that highlights a cause that is near and dear to my heart – animal rescue!  Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption (CARA) is a great organization!  None of my girls came from CARA –… Continue Reading “2nd Annual CARA Dinner at Bella Bistro”