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Easter Sunday Drive

Sunday was an incredibly beautiful sunny 60+ degree day! I couldn’t resist getting out and soaking some of it up. So, I took a Sunday drive…..cruising and singing along with some of my all time favorite tunes on the radio. First stop was the… Continue Reading “Easter Sunday Drive”

2016 Daily Photos – March 14-16

Next up on the 2016 Daily Photos is March 14-16, representing the letters N, O, P! MONDAY, MARCH 14: “N is for Nighty Eight North” a.k.a. Main Street, Albion, NY TUESDAY, MARCH 15: “O is for Otter Creek” This section of Otter Creek flows… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – March 14-16”

2016 Daily Photos – March 5-7

Continuing on with the alphabet, here are the Daily Photos for March 5-7…..E, F, and G: SATURDAY, MARCH 5: “E is for Edgar Allan Poe” Thank you to Carolyn Ricker of Bindings Bookstore in Albion for allowing me to high jack her books for… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – March 5-7”

2016 Daily Photos – Feb 25-28

The next set of Daily Photos – Feb 25-28: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25: “Rural Cemetery” Union Cemetery – a very small historic rural cemetery – at Watt’s Farm on Rt 98 in Albion. Per the historic marker: “Union Cemetery – this land, bought from Moses… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Feb 25-28”

Little Stinkers!!!

Just look at these little stinkers stealing peanuts and seeds!!! Climbing the shepherd’s hook and sitting on the top of the feeder has made the hook lean in the mud – making the seed easier to access from the ground! And…..his buddy is working… Continue Reading “Little Stinkers!!!”


I went on a very exciting adventure, this evening! I am going to tell the story backwards, because the most exciting part came first and I want to build up to it, so you’ll have to wait for it! I’ve been trying for some… Continue Reading “Sightings!”

2016 Daily Photos – Feb 19 – 21

Here are the Feb 19 thru 21 Photos of the Day: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19: “Pristine” Looking across this field, there isn’t a blemish to be seen in the snow or the sky – so peaceful!!! SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20: “I’m Melting, I’m Melting…” It was… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Feb 19 – 21”

Popular Eatery

I run a little cafe…..a buffet style eatery……in my front yard…….under the weeping crab apple tree! It has become quite a popular spot for the locals and those passing by on their way to parts unknown. I call it the Pritt Bird Buffet……but in… Continue Reading “Popular Eatery”

2016 Daily Photos – Feb 11-14

Here are the last few Daily Photos from Feb 11-14! THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11: “Megan’s Valentine” FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12: “Hot Cocoa and a Warm Fire” SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13: “Methodists Sure Can Cook” Pan of lasagna fresh out of the oven for the Albion FUMC Lasagna… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Feb 11-14”

2016 Daily Photo – Feb 8-10

Three more days of Daily Photos……I’m sticking with it, folks……and really enjoying it!!! Most days something just catches my eye and some days I have to really think about it and get creative, but I have managed to get a photo every day, so… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Feb 8-10”