Photos of the Day – January 28th

Well, this wraps up the last full week of January…..February is just around the corner! I’m looking out my den window at the falling of nice, fluffy looking snow flakes that has been falling lightly most of the day, but is now beginning to stick. I am very happy I can say I’m in for the duration where I can curl up with a blanket, a cup (or two….or more) of hot herbal tea, and my Kindle on the couch and, hopefully, finish the book I’m currently reading…..the third and last in a series by Elin Hilderbrand – one of my favorite writers. A perfect Saturday afternoon and evening!

And, now for the Photos of the Day for January 28, 2017:

# 28 Photo Prompt – Sign:


“Best Sign Ever!”

I saw this sign earlier in the month and made a mental note to go back by there, weather permitting, on the 28th when the photo prompt was “Sign”. Weather permitted, so I took a drive down Route 18 to Kendall to get this photo! It is the type of sign that makes you want to drive by it every day for the reminder!

# 28 Caught By My Lens:

I love old small sheds, bus stop shantys, little buildings…..etc……regardless of their condition – the older, the better, usually! I don’t know why they fascinate me, but they frequently catch my eye as I’m driving. I always wonder what they were originally used for when they were in better shape and had a specific purpose – especially when they are in an odd location that doesn’t seem to be a logical place for something of their diminutive size. What catches my eye most often are bus stop shantys……it brings back memories of the bus stop shanty at the lake where my Grandparents had a summer cottage – it was there for the year round kids who needed a place to get out of the harsh winter weather while waiting for the bus… the summer time, all us seasonal kids used it as our clubhouse and had such fun with it! Anyway…..

This one – I assume it is a bus stop shanty because it is at the end of a long driveway by the road……well, this one cracked me up when it caught my eye this morning on the way to the sign!!! I LOVE IT!!! First thing that came to mind when I saw it was how it is typical for someone to be held in a local jail while awaiting a bus to take them to a larger facility or prison…..HAHAHA!!!


“Best Shed Ever!”

And, then there was this other one that also caught my eye……LOVE this whole scene!!!


“On Frozen Pond”


January 2017’s Photo Prompts:


Sure hope the sun comes out, tomorrow, so I can find a way to do the # 29 photo prompt!!! 🙂

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