Photos of the Day – January 29th

When I saw today’s photo prompt – Shadow – coming up on the list, I was concerned. We have had overcast and/or cloudy skies for several days and haven’t had a good glimpse of the sun in all its glory in some time! But, this morning the sun was shining bright and bold through the windows at church and I saw a friend who is also doing this challenge got a great shadow shot, so I was encouraged. My house was casting a particularly lovely shadow on the snow early this morning, but it was on my way out for church and I thought I’d get it right after……..unfortunately, the sun played hide and seek the rest of the day, so I had to get really creative for my photo prompt shot!

So, without further ado, here are the Photos of the Day for January 29, 2017:

# 29 Photo Prompt – Shadow:


“It’s a Rabbit!”

See it? LOL

BTW – Ever try to hold a flashlight under your armpit, make a peace sign for a rabbit shadow with one hand, and take a photo with your phone with the other hand…..without getting your shadow hand in the photo??? Yep – I’m that talented!!! hehehe

# 29 Caught By My Lens:


“Well, Hello There!”

These sweeties were across the street from my house and looked up at me like “well, you want a photo of us, or what?”!!!

Another Deer Story from today:  I went to a late lunch with my brother and sister-in-law. On our way back to their house, we spotted four deer leaping and frolicking around in the field just down from their house. They were running and criss-crossing each other – just having a grand old time……then, all of a sudden, one crossed in front of another and BAM they collided and the one that did the crossing took a big tumble! We laughed and laughed and then felt guilty — poor thing!!! And, his buddies didn’t even look back to see if he was OK or wait for him to get up……he had to really high tail it to catch up with them before they disappeared into the woods!!! Saddest thing was, I didn’t have my camera with me – UGH!!! So, when these two popped up across the street from my house and posed so pretty for me, I got all excited about the second change for a photo!!! 😀


January 2017’s Photo Prompts……only two days left on this list:


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