Photos of the Day – January 22nd

Today was a very special day! Before I get into the Photos of the Day, I want to share a photo that I didn’t take, cause I was participating in the activity that was being photographed. The choir in our church introduced our brand new choir robes to the congregation, today, and our Pastor Linda performed the Order of Dedication of Choir Robes to bless them and enter them into service. We’re so happy to get the new robes…..I think maybe we sang just a tad bit better with them…..if I do say so, myself! hehehe Here is our choir singing the first anthem in our newly dedicated robes:


And, now……on with the Photos of the Day for January 22, 2017 — the second day in a row that we have been socked in with dense fog, so more foggy photos!

# 22 Photo Prompt – In My Town:


“Foggy Sunday Morning”

# 22 Caught By My Lens:


“Cold and Foggy Sunday at the Point”

Point Breeze, Lake Ontario, NY

And, a BONUS shot:


“Flying in a Fog”

A flock of geese flew over while I was at the Point…..I could hear them loud and clear, but could barely see them… glad the photo came out and captured the scene perfectly!!! šŸ™‚


January 2017’s Photo Prompts:


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