Photos of the Day – January 25th

Well, hello, there…….glad you could pop in and check out my blog!

Before I get into the Photos of the Day, I wanna share a dream I had this morning. I obviously think WAY too much about ideas for the daily photo prompts!

I had an odd dream this morning……I dreamed I was at a big game at my old high school, located in the Village of Albion in NY (this is important context for those of you who don’t know where I went to high school). It was a beautiful sunny day, so I wandered around the campus with my camera. There was a string of vendors and craft tables and I saw lots of old friends who acted like they didn’t know who I was. Then, I noticed a breathtaking river and waterfall that flowed along the back edge of the campus – I commented to some people admiring it that it is funny, but I don’t remember such a beautiful scene when I went to school, here. They looked at me like I was nuts and quickly shuffled off to get away from the crazy lady. I, then, came upon the perfect shot for today’s photo prompt (In The Background). It was a large poster for the Purple Eagles (our HS mascot and name of our sports teams) with a group of football players and cheerleaders posing by it and off in the distance (in the background) there was a perfect view of Mount Rushmore! I tried and tried to get the photo, but my camera wouldn’t work! I told the lady standing next to me that no one is going to believe me that you can see Mt. Rushmore from the AHS campus if I don’t get a photo. I fiddled and fiddle with the camera and finally got it to take a photo, but the shutter stayed open WAY too long, so it was blurry and very white! The camera wouldn’t work, again! Soooooooooooo, although I have no photo evidence……a river and waterfall has developed behind the high school and it is gorgeous……and, you can see Mt Rushmore from there! It’s true…..I saw it!!!!

Once I was fully awake, I headed out for a lunch meeting with a club I belong to and, after lunch, I drove around the country side to find inspiration for today’s photos. So, without further ado……

Here are the Photos of the Day for January 25, 2017:

# 25 Photo Prompt – In The Background:


“Treasure Beyond The Dead End”

Beautiful Lake Ontario in the background…..

# 25 Caught By My Lens:


“Winter Chores”

Every once in a while, while driving around the county looking for the perfect shot for the day, I come across a truly great gem……I think I found one, today!


“Winter Chores 2”

And…….a bonus shot — this taken from my den window not long after I got out of bed this morning:


“January Morning Visitor”


January 2017’s Photo Prompts:


And, a sneak peak at February’s Photo Prompts:


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