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Movie Review – Philomena

 I watched a movie on Pay-Per-View yesterday that really touched me. I hadn’t heard much about it, except that Dame Judy Dench was nominated for an Oscar for her lead role. I knew a few people who had seen it and said it was very… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Philomena”

Movie Review – Grand Piano

  It was a lazy Saturday afternoon with not much of interest to me on TV. So, I was looking for a movie on Movies On Demand and found one that caught my eye – Grand Piano, starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack. Not really… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Grand Piano”

Movie Review – Frozen

   As an adult, sometimes you just have to take one of the numbers off your age and pretend in your heart that you are that age and enjoy yourself! I love going to see a good Disney animated movie – they always make… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Frozen”

Sunday Stills Challenge – Happiness

For this week’s Sunday Stills Challenge, Ed wants to know “What makes you happy?” If he knew me as well as most of you know me, he’d know that was a loaded question…..most things make me happy!!! So, this one was fun to put… Continue Reading “Sunday Stills Challenge – Happiness”

Movie Review – Saving Mr. Banks

 Mom and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks the other day. We had planned to go on Christmas Day, but both of us were wore out from the events leading up to Christmas, so we decided to go the day after! This movie… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Saving Mr. Banks”

Movie Review – Last Vegas

Lately, I’ve gotten back into the habit of going to the movies. I used to love going to a matinee – alone or with friends – and made it a regular habit. Since moving back home, I slowed down on the movies – mainly… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Last Vegas”

Movie Review – About Time

I went to the movies on Thursday with a friend. We decided on a matinee showing of a new romantic comedy – About Time – staring Rachel McAdams.  Good Choice!!! This met all my criteria for me to claim it was an excellent movie – I loved… Continue Reading “Movie Review – About Time”

Recent “Stuff”

I envision far away friends and family who rely on this blog to keep up with me are thinking I am sitting around twiddling my thumbs a lot…….WRONG!!! I’m not spending my retirement in a rocking chair on the porch…….although, I do keep wondering… Continue Reading “Recent “Stuff””

Movie Review – The Great Gatsby

 I had mixed feelings about them doing a remake of the 1974 classic version of The Great Gatsby……after all, I loved the ’74 version and saw it at least a gazillion times – maybe more! I questioned them choosing Leonardo DiCaprio to play Gatsby – he… Continue Reading “Movie Review – The Great Gatsby”

Movie Review – 42

 On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made history by stepping out onto Ebbets Field wearing the number 42 on the back of his Brooklyn Dodger’s uniform to be the first black man to play on a major league baseball team! And 66 years later, on April 15, 2013,… Continue Reading “Movie Review – 42”