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Movie Review – La La Land

My friend, Cathy, and I went to the movies, yesterday. We saw La La Land on the IMAX screen at Tinseltown in Gates. WE….LOVED….IT!!!! Period…..end of review!!! Just kidding… know I am NEVER that short on words! hehehe So, La La Land is the… Continue Reading “Movie Review – La La Land”

Movie Review – Fences

 I haven’t been to the movie theater in a LONG time…..just haven’t seen anything come out that I had a burning desire to see! I thought maybe I’d go see one on Christmas day….used to love to go to the movies on Christmas when… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Fences”

Movie Review – The Longest Ride

It has been a while since I’ve been to the movies and I was itching to go! There were several I really, really wanted to see over the winter, but the harsh weather we had for so long and some other things got in… Continue Reading “Movie Review – The Longest Ride”

2014 Blog Review

 In just a few short hours, another year will close and a new year will open and breathe new life into us…..bringing with it new adventures, experiences, and memories to blog about. But, before I begin to write about all the exciting topics I… Continue Reading “2014 Blog Review”

Movie Review – Gone Girl

 I went to see the highly anticipated movie, Gone Girl, with a friend yesterday. We both read the book – written by Gillian Flynn – and both had a similar critique of it……loved the story and was riveted to the pages throughout….right up to… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Gone Girl”

Movie Review – The Other Woman

 Friday nights are absolute DUDS for TV……there is NOTHING on – I can not wait until the fall season brings Blue Bloods (and yummy Donnie Wahlberg) back to give me something to look forward to watching on Friday nights!!! But, that is still a… Continue Reading “Movie Review – The Other Woman”

Movie Review – The Hundred Foot Journey

 Aahh…..I went to the movies, yesterday! A friend and I visited our favorite theater – Tinseltown – and saw The Hundred Foot Journey! Of course, we made a day of it – lunch at Pixley’s right near the theater, the movie, and then ice… Continue Reading “Movie Review – The Hundred Foot Journey”

Old Musicals = Pure Joy!

I am a sucker for old musicals! There are way too many that are on my “most favorite” list to name…..suffice it to say, if it is a musical and stars any of the great song and dance stars, I’m in heaven! Sunday was… Continue Reading “Old Musicals = Pure Joy!”

Movie Review – Jersey Boys

 So, you know I had to run out to see Jersey Boys as soon after its release as I could, right? Well, it was released on June 20th, but with so much going on, I didn’t get time and opportunity to see it until… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Jersey Boys”

Movie Review – Philomena

 I watched a movie on Pay-Per-View yesterday that really touched me. I hadn’t heard much about it, except that Dame Judy Dench was nominated for an Oscar for her lead role. I knew a few people who had seen it and said it was very… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Philomena”