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Photos of the Day – December 1-3

Welcome to December….. Here are my Photos of the Day for December 1-3, 2017: DECEMBER 1 # 335 Photo Prompt – I Love Doing This: “Going to the Movies” #ilovedoingthis We saw “Wonder”……..amazing movie!!! Take a boat load of tissues with you! DECEMBER 2… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – December 1-3”

Photos of the Day – Oct 9, 10, 11, and 12

So….I went on a short, but GREAT adventure this week…..I went to Iowa!!! I’ll, of course, have a detailed post (or maybe posts) to talk about all the cool things I did and saw while I was there – accompanied by some amazing photos!!!… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – Oct 9, 10, 11, and 12”

Movie Review – Home Again

You know I love going to a matinee movie at the theater…..but, I haven’t been in a while – nothing has caught my eye for quite some time. But, today my friend, Cathy, and I went to Tinseltown and saw Home Again with Reece… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Home Again”

Visit to the Land Of Oz – June 2017

Each year on the first weekend in June, the Village of Chittenango, NY celebrates their connection to the stories of L. Frank Baum – author of the Wizard of Oz books. You see, Mr. Baum was born in the tiny village of Chittenango. Any… Continue Reading “Visit to the Land Of Oz – June 2017”

Photos of the Day – June 1-4

Hi… may notice that some of my photos for the past four days are related to the Wizard of OZ….well, that is because I spent the weekend in Chittenango, NY at their annual Oz-Stravaganza Festival! I had a BLAST!!! More about my adventurous weekend… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – June 1-4”

Movie Review – The Circle

 I went to the movies yesterday….what better to do on a rainy day, huh? There were a couple movies on the list at my favorite theater – Tinseltown in Gates – that I have been wanting to see, but, one that I hadn’t heard… Continue Reading “Movie Review – The Circle”

Movie Review – Hidden Figures

Here is my review of the movie I went to see earlier in the week – Tuesday…..better late than never, right? WARNING – I wouldn’t call what I write here “spoilers”, technically……it is all a matter of public historical information, but if you really… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Hidden Figures”

Movie Review – Lion

I’m so happy that there is finally a good selection of movies out that I am interested in. I have really missed going to the theater and am glad to be going so often, so far this year, and actually have a list of… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Lion”

Movie Review – A Dog’s Purpose

It is no secret that I am a HUGE dog lover……dogs are amazing creatures. Even though I tend to gravitate to anything dog-related, I was reluctant to go see A Dog’s Purpose. I don’t like movies where the dog dies or has to be… Continue Reading “Movie Review – A Dog’s Purpose”

Movie Review – Manchester By The Sea

I have seen the previews of this movie several times and really wanted to see it. It has been in theaters for a while, now, so I started worrying that I might miss out if I didn’t get my butt out to see it.… Continue Reading “Movie Review – Manchester By The Sea”