Movie Review – Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again!

 A couple weeks ago (yeah, I know – better late than never, right?), my friend, Cathy, and I went to the early bird matinee at Tinseltown to see the much anticipated sequel/prequel to the amazing Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!  The first one was so enjoyable, I’ve seen it…..oh, I don’t know…..a zillion times or so! From the first hint of a second one, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for a release date! We waited and waited and waited and the anticipation built higher and higher…….till, finally, we knew when it was going to be out – July 20th – just in time for Cathy’s birthday! Then, the excitement built even further……I was so afraid that I was building it up so high in my expectations that I was going to be disappointed……that happens – I get so worked up anticipating something I know is going to be amazing and then…..let down!!! Oh, it usually is amazing, but my heightened expectations keep me from just sitting back and enjoying it for what it is – not what I expect it to be! But, not this time…..OMG……it was even BETTER than I expected AND, even better than the first one!!! How is that possible? Well, they added Cher, for one! LOL

So……this is the story, told through the use of ABBA songs, of Sophie – played by Amanda Seyfried – who is continuing on her mother, Donna’s legacy. In the first one, we learn that Donna – played by Meryl Streep – ended up on a remote island in a broken down building that she dreamed of turning into a hotel. Donna was a free spirit who raised Sophie alone……but, there was a twist – Sophie finds out while preparing for her wedding that she has THREE possible “Dads”!!! Now……as we go into the new one, we find Sophie missing her mother, who has passed away, as she prepares to open the newly and beautifully renovated hotel! This sequel/prequel does an awesome job of going back and forth between Sophie’s struggles to open the hotel and the past to tell the story of how Donna got there from graduating from college and going off to explore an island she read about to how she met the three “Dads” and many other interesting characters who became life long friends along her journey! And, though both journeys, viewers are treated to the wonderful music of ABBA!

The cast is STELLAR……..Besides Amanda Seyfried, we have Andy Garcia – Fernando, Lily James – young Donna, Julie Walters – Rosie, Christine Baranski – Tanya……the “Dads”: Pierce Brosnan – Sam, Colin Firth – Harry, and Stellan Skarsgard……..and that only scratches the surface! Then…….the icing on the cake was CHER!!! I am not at all dissing the actors who played the younger versions of all of these characters and the many, many supporting roles……everyone who had any part whatsoever was amazing!!! And, what about Meryl Streep??? I wondered how they could do a sequel without Meryl Streep……well, let’s not have any spoilers, here……I’ll just say that they handled it PERFECTLY!!!!


This is a fun, entertaining, and joyful movie! One that will leave you singing ABBA songs in your head for days (heck, I’m STILL singing them in my head and out loud as I dance around the house)! Take tissues, though……I sobbed during several scenes!!!

GO SEE IT!!! But…..if you haven’t seen the first one, yet, be sure to stream it and watch it before you go — the whole “three Dads” thing and some other back stories are not explained in the second one, so you may find yourself a bit confused……besides, it is just plain fun to see! I rate this one so far off the scale that I’m not even going to attempt a rating! Just go……I probably don’t have to say that I highly recommend it…….but, I will anyway – I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE!!! LOL

Here’s the trailer:

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    • Yep — I’m here – busy as ever……I have another great post to do to catch up on some things! Maybe later today! 😀

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