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Been a crazy couple of weeks here in my little corner of paradise! We’ve been in a deep freeze, loaded up with snow, a warm up / melt down, more cold, more snow……but, that’s life in Western New York!

My LuLaRoe business is doing good and keeping me busy – busier than I planned on letting it keep me – it was meant to be a side line, something to have some fun with……oh well…..I rarely do anything half hearted! This past Saturday, I had my very first in-home pop-up boutique with a hostess. We did it at my home so I didn’t have to pack up and cart all my inventory to another location – sweet! It was a huge success! I have another one this coming Saturday – this one is at my hostess’s home, so gotta do the packing up and transporting thing….we’ll see how that goes! 😀

So, since I had the pop-up booked on Saturday and we got a HUGE dumping of snow Friday night, I had an adventurous morning…..One thing I can say without any reservation…..my life is never dull or boring!!! I got up early Saturday morning to clear the 12-18″ of snow out of my driveway and front porch!!! I got it all done and then had to run to the bank, because….you know me…..I forgot to get small bills so I can make change if someone wants to pay cash for their purchases!!! I got to the drive-thru and sent the tube with my 20’s to get the change and the teller got it ready and sent it back……and when the tube arrived, it automatically went right back to them without opening the door so I could get my money!!! WHAT???!!! Seems the “send” button was frozen in the “pushed in” position!!! LOL I offered to just drive around to the other kiosk, but they said the tube didn’t return to them – it was in the pipes “somewhere”! They could send it back to me, but it would just go back to “somewhere” each time……we all laughed and laughed as we watched it go back and forth several times……until my friend, Jodi, who works in the bank, came to the rescue and un-froze the button by pouring some rubbing alcohol on it!!! My hero!!! 😀 Life is nothing if not interesting…..and fun!!! And, so my day started……

Yesterday afternoon, I booked my first big adventure of 2018….going on the second annual DC Adventure with my traveling buddy! Can’t wait……we need to plan out what we’ll see and do this time around!

On New Year’s Day, I went to the movies and saw “The Greatest Showman” with a friend…..WOW…..what a wonderful movie! I love going to the movies on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day…..just seems like a cool thing to do and I always enjoy it…..but…..I’m always struck by how many other people do the same thing! We got in the parking lot of Tinseltown in Gates and it was PACKED!!! And we were at the early bird matinee, which started about 10:00 am!!! Crazy! I didn’t go on Christmas Day this year – the weather wasn’t the greatest and I didn’t feel like going out in it. But, New Year’s Day was better, so we went! Sorry, I didn’t do a movie review – stuff got in the way and I just didn’t get around to it. But, here is a photo I took during one of the final scenes for my Daily Photo Challenge that day:

I also had a revelation yesterday……First, a little background……I have to say that the #s 20, 11, and 9 run through our family! It is odd…..My grandmother was 20 years older than my Mom…..my Mom was 20 years older than me! Then, the 11 and 9 zig zag through siblings and children…….my grandmother was 9 years older than her sister – Betty, who was 11 years older than my Mom (grandma’s daughter)…….my Mom was 9 years older than her brother – Danny, who was 11 years older than me………And, my Uncle Danny had a son who was born when I was 9 years old!!! And, then, yesterday when I was looking up some possible dates for my upcoming DC Adventure, a light came on…..the revelation where I made a connection that I didn’t realize until that moment when it hit me that my grandma and my Mom died the same month exactly 20 years apart – April 3, 1996 and April 10, 2016!!! It got me wondering how careful I will need to be in April 2036……which, now that I see it in writing realize that will also be just shy of what would have been my Mom’s 100th birthday – she was born in July 1936……which must mean……yep – she passed just shy of what would have been HER mother’s 100th birthday – grandma was born in August 1916……so, they were both 79 – just shy of 80 – when they passed!!!

Anyway……I’m rambling…….I just wanted to come on and post some thoughts in an attempt to keep my goal of getting this blog back on track with its original intent and what I used to love about it! But……I also want to keep up with sharing some of my favorite photos, as well, so here are a few I especially like that I have taken recently:

Until next time……I’ll leave you with this quote from the book I am currently reading: “The past is who you are. The future is what you do with that.”

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