Photos of the Day – Oct 9, 10, 11, and 12

So….I went on a short, but GREAT adventure this week…..I went to Iowa!!! I’ll, of course, have a detailed post (or maybe posts) to talk about all the cool things I did and saw while I was there – accompanied by some amazing photos!!! But, for now, I’m here to catch up on my Photos of the Day…..they were taken and posted on Instagram each day in response to each daily photo prompt.

Here are my Photos of the Day for October 9-12, 2017:


# 282 Photo Prompt – Good For Me:

“Colored In Iowa!”


Only seven states to go……I had a trip to Kentucky planned for this week with a travel group I belong to, but the tour was canceled, so I took the money and time what was already accounted for and redirected it to a quick jaunt to Iowa!!!


# 283 Photo Prompt – Angle:

“Buddy Holly Crash Site Entrance”



# 284 – A Favourite:

“Overlooking The Field of Dreams”

#afavourite (movie)

Standing inside the house where the movie “Field of Dreams” was filmed looking out at the ball field and corn field! One of my all time favorite movies!


# 285 Photo Prompt – I Saw This Today:

“Gas Station Jesus”


It was on the Roadside America list of cool, unusual things to see, so……I went to see it!


October 2017s Photo Prompts:

2 Comments on “Photos of the Day – Oct 9, 10, 11, and 12

    • Yep – that’s what they call it – it is in Dubuque, Iowa and listed on the Roadside America attractions listings!

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