2017 New England States Adventure – New Hampshire and Vermont

Winding down my recent New England States Adventure……we didn’t spend a lot of time in New Hampshire and Vermont. In hindsight, I wish we had taken a couple days to stay in Vermont and go covered bridge hunting, but that leaves me with a really good excuse to go back! So, I’m good!

New Hampshire:

We spent one night in New Hampshire and enjoyed the scenery as we drove through the state.

Our KOA campsite

I got a kick out of how the state makes it a point to put signs on the interstates letting people know where all the state liquor stores are located! 🙂


We didn’t spend the night in Vermont, but spent quite a bit of time going through it. First, the route we took was not major four lane interstates and also, we stopped for lunch and a wonderful visit with a dear old high school friend who lives in Arlington, VT. I love getting the chance to connect with old friends who live in areas I visit on my travels!

The only covered bridge we came upon!

Although it was September, we didn’t see a lot of autumn tree colors. People we talked to said it was just starting to turn.

Former partners in crime…….Ann and me…….we had some great times together in high school!

I am so happy I got to see Ann and spend time catching up and reminiscing!!!

New York:

We started and ended in New York – obviously. Our last overnight stop was in Herkimer, NY at a really cool campground that has a diamond mine – too bad we didn’t have time to take a tour!

Can you tell I like to take pictures of big and interesting bridges?

Our campsite at Herkimer, NY

The campground had a beautiful creek – or maybe it was a river – not sure!

The campground has cabins, like most campgrounds do…..but, it also has this amazing tree house cabin that can be rented to stay in, as well!

And, my LAST photo for this adventure:

Megan LOVES the toy lobster I brought back from Bar Harbor for her!!!! 😀

Another amazing adventure is now in the history books……and in my memory, which is the best place for it to be!




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