Movie Review – Home Again

You know I love going to a matinee movie at the theater…..but, I haven’t been in a while – nothing has caught my eye for quite some time. But, today my friend, Cathy, and I went to Tinseltown and saw Home Again with Reece Witherspoon and LOVED IT!!! Definitely my kind of movie — funny, sentimental, cute story, and great characters!

Reece Witherspoon is perfectly cast as 40 year old, mother of two, Alice – recently separated and relocated from NYC to LA to live in a house she inherited from her father with her daughters. At her 40th birthday party, she meets three budding movie makers in their mid-20s – one she has an immediate attraction to. From there, the comedy ensues, friendships blossom, and her and her daughter’s lives are forever changed!

Loved the characters…….loved the story…….the acting was top notch…….Reece Witherspoon is her usual adorable self…….and the eye candy was well worth the price of admission! 😀 It made for a very enjoyable Monday afternoon with a good friend! And… met all my criteria for the perfect movie: I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with the characters, and I left feeling good! I even loved the ending (which is not always something I can say honestly)!

If you like romantic comedies, chick-flicks, and just plain all around feel good movies, you’ll love this one! Go see it!!!!

I rate this one a strong A+ with a “Hell Yeah!” – two thumbs up recommendation!

Here’s the trailer, in case you haven’t seen it, yet!

2 Comments on “Movie Review – Home Again

  1. I’m going to get my BFF and get to Tinseltown. Thanks for the recommendation, Kim.

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