Movie Review – Grand Piano

154868  It was a lazy Saturday afternoon with not much of interest to me on TV. So, I was looking for a movie on Movies On Demand and found one that caught my eye – Grand Piano, starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack. Not really sure why I even checked out the trailer cause I don’t usually care much for Elijah Wood, but I did watch the trailer and found it intriguing! So, I watched it!

This movie isn’t due to be released in theaters until March 7th, but it is on On Demand, now. It is a suspense thriller about a gifted concert pianist, Elijah Wood, who is making a come back after being away from the stage due to his severe stage fright and a catastrophic performance five years ago. When he gets on stage for the much anticipated performance, he finds a message on his sheet music telling him that if he plays one wrong note, he will be shot on the spot and if he alerts anyone of his predicament, his famous actress wife – who is in a box seat in the audience – will be killed. While playing the concert of his life, he must figure out who is making the threats and why.

It will keep you on the edge of your seat, for sure! The performances are well done by all the actors and the music played during the concert makes for an incredible back drop to the suspense! It is a little slow in some spots and I would have liked a little better ending – I felt like it didn’t do the best job of tying it all together, but over all, it was really quite good! I rate it a solid B+ and recommend it for those who like a little suspense.

Here is the trailer:

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