Our Wonderful Bed

There is nothing in this world like your own, warm, cozy bed!!! I know it…..most people know it……and so do my girls!!! Actually, “my” bed really is more “their” bed than it is mine! 🙂 Night time is one story…..all four of us taking up just about every inch of a queen sized bed (click here for another post on the subject of sleeping with three big dogs)…..but, it is the rest of the time that the bed is one of their favorite places to be!

They LOVE being on the bed and, as we affectionately call it, “getting silly on the bed” – this means rubbing and rolling and scratching around on the covers like silly little gooses! I can make the bed and within minutes, it is unmade and rearranged to their liking!  I’ve even entered the bedroom and found every blanket, sheet, and pillow off the bed and piled haphazardly on the floor!!! Take this morning, for instance…..I made the bed and left to brush my teeth and splash some water on my face. When I returned, just minutes later, I found THIS – so much for a nicely made up bed:



Amy loves to make a cocoon – she skootches herself around until she’s under the covers and then rolls around until she’s all wrapped up in the blankets and only her nose is sticking out:



Most any time of the day, Megan will head upstairs all by herself and lay on the bed – she can be found up there sleeping, rearranging the covers, or playing with her toys. The first photo was another time that the bed was all freshly made up and she decided she wanted the pillows and blankets in a more comfy arrangement:



One time, in our old house, she even decided to take our bed into the den with her……she took the comforter off the bed and dragged it across the hall to the den and put it on her doggie bed:


And, there are times when they are just as happy to lay on a nicely made bed……but not often – hehehe:


Oh, and I can’t forget to include a link to a post telling about the time I found a nice little “gift” in our bed…..click here for all the gory details!

May everyone be blessed with a wonderful, cozy, warm, inviting bed to enjoy!!!

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