Sunday Stills – Murals or Graffiti

For this week’s Sunday Stills Challenge, we were asked to provide photos of Murals or Graffiti. We have a lot of great murals in our area, but the weather is a little nasty, so I only stopped by a few right in the downtown area to get photos while I was out today. Here are my offerings for this challenge:

The first photo is our newest mural recently added in Waterman Park on Main Street to honor the legacy of our local sandstone quarrymen from about 100 years ago. For more information on this mural, our quarrymen legacy, and sandstone heritage, click here and here and here.


I love this mural in a third floor window of one of our historic downtown buildings – especially with the visible snowflakes that were falling as I snapped the photo! This dapper looking gentleman is always looking down on Main Street, tipping his hat to busy shoppers.


The next two photos are murals that can be found along the Erie Barge Canal near the Main Street lift bridge. The first one faces north and is located behind Bank Street – it depicts a team of mules towing a barge along a rural section of the canal. The second faces south and is located just west of the Main Street lift bridge – it depicts a high one lane bridge over the canal. Due to the weather and deep snow, I couldn’t get in position to get a straight on shot of the second mural, so I had to zoom in and take it on an angle – the photo isn’t very good, but I still wanted to include it in this post.



And, finally, I took this shot of a nice example of vintage advertising on the side of a local business:


3 Comments on “Sunday Stills – Murals or Graffiti

    • Yes, Lori – it is in the third floor window of the building that the Pratt Opera House is in.

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