The Frozen Black North

OK, so I was having lunch with the ladies from church at Ho-Jack’s, today. It has been a particularly cold, snowy winter this year, so I was thinking it might be fun to go to Point Breeze and get some photos of Lake Ontario all frozen over – you know, since I was already almost there! Well, while I did wonder about the snow and ice conditions on the road leading up to The Black North Inn and the lighthouse, I didn’t think about how much COLDER it would be there at the lake and how the weather might be worse. The road conditions were actually pretty good — no problem, there! I parked the car and got out to get closer to the lake, but the path was covered in deep snow – I had to climb a pretty big ridge of snow and tread through some deep patches……but, I did it (you know, for the sake of artistic expression and all)! Once I got to where I could get some good shots, my hands were frozen – can’t wear gloves and snap photographs – and the wind was biting my ears off – literally!!! As I was standing there looking out onto the frozen lake – which was an amazing blend of beauty and eerie macabre – all I could think was “ARE YOU NUTS??? WHAT THE H*** WERE YOU THINKING???” So, I got my photos and headed back to the car where I cranked the heat up as high as I could and high tailed it out of there!!!    🙂

There really was quite an eerie feeling down there…..all by myself in the cold and haze of the winter sky – it was also quite peaceful and beautiful. Anyway – I hope you enjoy these photos – my ears and fingers paid dearly to capture them! hehehehe

The first two photos may look like a pile of rocks – in fact, I had to get closer to see that they were, indeed, NOT big rocks or something sticking up out of the ice! They were actually a large flock of geese all huddled up on the frozen water of the Oak Orchard River:



Oak Orchard River – all frozen  – where it meets Lake Ontario:


Looking up the Oak Orchard River to the typically busy, full boat docks in front of The Black North Inn – now looking pretty lonely:


The lighthouse at Point Breeze:



Some shots of the Great Lake – Lake Ontario – frozen and deserted:





A marina with all the sail boats safely dry docked – anxiously awaiting the chance to get back in the water for some sun and fun:


And, finally, as I was leaving the Point, I stopped for this shot of Marsh Creek – usually full of boating activity, now desolate with an artic appearance and a wintery haze covered sun:


Now – I think I’ll go move my swivel rocker over in front of the fireplace and thaw out!!!

One Comment on “The Frozen Black North

  1. Kim,
    Many places in our neck of the woods become ghost town during thr winter months. When I am dressed warmly I enjoy the solitude and not having to share my favorite spots with the summer crowds.

    Tom The Backroads Traveller

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