Strange Bed Fellows

I left this story in a comment responding to a post titled “Appetizer” that Jennifer wrote on her blog – “Life With Miles” – a blog devoted to her and Billy’s new puppy, Miles. After I left the comment, I thought I should post the story here – it happened about a year ago, long before I started my blog, but I think it is a priceless story and worth conveying “old news”!

I love reading Jennifer’s blog — it reminds me that I’m not alone in the world of what reading her blog proves are “typical puppy stuff”!!! I almost always have a similar fond memory that comes to mind when I read her stories. The one that rivals the “Appetizer” story goes like this:

One night about this time last year, the girls and I were getting ready for bed. I had just let them out to take care of business and when they came in, we headed to bed. The only light on in the bedroom was the one on the night stand, so it wasn’t very bright in there. I was just about to turn it out and noticed that Megan had just dropped what looked like a clump of dirt (they used to dig a lot and loved to play with dirt clumps, so this didn’t seem odd) on the bed and was attempting to “nose” the blankets up over it to “bury” it in the covers. I said, “eeww – stop that – we don’t want dirt in our bed!” and picked it up to throw it out. As soon as I got it between my fingers and picked it up, I realized it was fuzzy and squishy! I immediately dropped it and turned on the ceiling fan lights — I wish I had just kept it in my hand and tossed it out without ever really knowing what it was — it was a small dead mole!!!! And it was about to be buried in my blankets………..and I was about to crawl into bed with it!!!! uugghh!!!! If I hadn’t noticed it, I could have slept with it!!!! After I finished with the shivers and nausea that the thought of it all gave me, I got a wad of Kleenex and took care of the little carcass!!!

Enough said — luckily, there no uninvited “guests” in my bed that night!!!

5 Comments on “Strange Bed Fellows

  1. I am so thankful Pumpkin has yet to discover the yuckiness of dead animals. For now anyway, we just have to deal with our crazy, yet completely lovable, poop-eating dog.

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