Picture it…….you’re gonna have to get a mental picture, cause there was no way I could get a physical picture to show you…….I am laying in my queen sized bed (the one I bought when I moved because I was tired of sleeping in a full-sized bed with three 40-50 pound dogs and thought that the extra inches would be refreshing) on my side under the covers.  Megan is laying in front of me on top of the covers with her head on the pillow, her back tight up against me, and my arm draped across her.  Amy is laying behind me on top of the covers with her head on the pillow, and her back tight up against me.  Katie is laying across the foot of the bed on top of the covers with her back tight against the souls of my feet.  I can’t really tell because the blankets are so tight around me that I feel as if I’m in a cocoon, but I am assuming there is a significant amount of real estate on either side of all three dogs as they snored and twitched in perfect unison.  I can only speculate that the reason they chose to pen me in like a sardine is that just before I crawled into bed in response to three sets of begging eyes and three wiggly butts, I said to them, “OK, but just for a few minutes cause I gotta get dressed and go to the store.”  Within minutes, I couldn’t move and feared I would never be released from my bondage!  Then, suddenly, the phone rang and all three leaped up and jumped off the bed to run around the room in anticipation of who was calling us!  Thank goodness for a call from my brother……….I was rescued and am no longer in captivity!  After the conversation, I made the bed so that there was no chance of them recapturing me – for now, anyway.  WHEW – that was a close one!

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