Sunday Stills Challenge – Happiness

For this week’s Sunday Stills Challenge, Ed wants to know “What makes you happy?” If he knew me as well as most of you know me, he’d know that was a loaded question…..most things make me happy!!! So, this one was fun to put together… might actually go so far as to say that it made me happy to do this post!!! 🙂

I spent the day with a friend, today. I decided to document the day with photos with the express purpose of using them to show what made me happy today…..they are also things that make me happy in general, as well!


Afternoon matinees at a great multi-screen theater!


A wonderfully filmed animated movie that tells a great story!


Lunch at a favorite restaurant!

And it especially made me happy to discover it is the first day this particular new location was open for business!

018    015

Delicious food and fun drinks in cool glasses!



this beautiful double decker one is in the mall at Greece Ridge 


And, now, for what ELSE makes me happy… from my archives:


Stunning flowers in my yard – especially purple ones!


My girls…..especially when I catch them kissing on each other! 🙂


Lighthouses and Lake Ontario

This is the lighthouse at Point Breeze, NY with the Oak Orchard River and Lake Ontario in the background


Let’s see…..this one represents so many things that make me happy:

flip flops,

being on the water,



gorgeous sunny days


This was taken on a cruise – docked in Nassau, Bahamas


My family!!!

…mostly because I get shots like this when I’m trying to get a serious 4-generation Christmas photo!!! 🙂


Full disclosure — the next two photos were NOT taken by me (obviously, because I’m in them), but it is a post about what makes me happy and they WERE taken with my camera……so, I’m including them!


Celebrations with my family

This was taken by the waitress at Joe’s Crab Shack on my birthday!

That’s me on the right!


Singing in the choir at my church

That’s me on the far left!

So, that is a taste of what makes me happy…..there is so much more because life, in general, makes me happy… is good!!!

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