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2016 Daily Photos – July 28-31

OK….let’s finish up the month of July…..can you believe we are already at the end of July???? Anyway, here are the last photos for July, taken on July 28-31! THURSDAY, JULY 28: “Watt’s Orchard Express” FRIDAY, JULY 29: “Baby Alpacas at the Fair” SATURDAY,… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – July 28-31”

2016 Daily Photos – July 14-17

Here is the next set of 2016 Daily Photos – these were taken on July 14-17! THURSDAY, JULY 14: “Taryn’s Treasure” One of several “treasures” my Great-Niece, Taryn found on the beach at Conesus Lake. This is one of the few she chose to… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – July 14-17”

Peony Tree Festival

Today I discovered a little corner of Heaven on earth. It was located in Pavilion, NY at a place called Linwood Gardens. A friend posted a couple photos on Facebook yesterday to show she’d been there and it intrigued me enough to look it… Continue Reading “Peony Tree Festival”

2016 Daily Photos – May 18-22

….And, on with the next installment of my 2016 Daily Photo Challenge – photos were taken May 18-22: WEDNESDAY, MAY 18: “Not My Usual Clientele”  I was about to settle in for the night and looked out and saw this pretty kitty checking out… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – May 18-22”

Sunday Photos and Such

Unfortunately, Sundays are going to be tough days for me for quite some time…..probably forever! I wake up with a heavy heart before I even remember it is Sunday and my eyes fill with tears at some point within that horrible hour between 9:00… Continue Reading “Sunday Photos and Such”

Swallow Hollow Nature Walk – 04-17-16

It was a week riddled with deep emotions and intense stress. So, I had planned on spending my Sunday doing some yard work… that Spring has finally arrived in full force – I hope…..and relaxing after I got home from church. But, my dear… Continue Reading “Swallow Hollow Nature Walk – 04-17-16”

Easter Sunday Drive

Sunday was an incredibly beautiful sunny 60+ degree day! I couldn’t resist getting out and soaking some of it up. So, I took a Sunday drive…..cruising and singing along with some of my all time favorite tunes on the radio. First stop was the… Continue Reading “Easter Sunday Drive”

2016 Daily Photos – March 17-20

Well, we’re winding down the end of the alphabet – one week to go after these photos – then, I’ll have to decide how I want to finish up the month after the alphabet runs out! Anyway – here is the next set of… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – March 17-20”

M is also for Medina Sandstone

I took a TON of photos while out looking for my Daily Photo Challenge for the letter “M”. I opted for the fun shot of the Meggie Moo’s sign for the official Photo of the Day, but ended up with several wonderful shots of… Continue Reading “M is also for Medina Sandstone”

2016 Daily Photos – March 11-13

The next set of 2016 Daily Photos is for March 11-13 and represents the letters K, L, and M: FRIDAY, MARCH 11: “K is for Keys” Tinkerbell and Disney Princess keys, to be more specific! 🙂 SATURDAY, MARCH 12: “L is for Lincoln” Located… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – March 11-13”