2016 Daily Photos – July 14-17

Here is the next set of 2016 Daily Photos – these were taken on July 14-17!


071416_Taryns Treasure

“Taryn’s Treasure”

One of several “treasures” my Great-Niece, Taryn found on the beach at Conesus Lake. This is one of the few she chose to give to her old Aunt Kim as a reminder of my day with her, yes! I love it! Looks like a mountain you’d find in the Southwest or Mid-West somewhere! It will take a prominent spot in one of my gardens!

07-14-16 Bonus:  Taryn’s Treasure in my Garden 🙂




071516_Blue Bird After His Bath

“Blue Bird After His Bath”

Didn’t get my camera out in time to capture this handsome guy taking a bath in my bird bath, but did get him sunbathing on the power line over my driveway to dry his feathers off! The photo quality isn’t great, but I still went with it as my favorite of the day! 🙂


071616_Golden Fields

“Golden Fields”

LOVE seeing all the beautiful fields after the hay is harvested!


071716_Happy National Ice Cream Day

“Happy National Ice Cream Day”

Can’t let National Ice Cream Day go without a BIG celebration…..and, a banana split is a BIG celebration!!!

2 Comments on “2016 Daily Photos – July 14-17

  1. Love the ice cream sundae. Beautiful bluebird and I love Taryn’s treasure in your garden.

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