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2016 Daily Photos – Feb 25-28

The next set of Daily Photos – Feb 25-28: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25: “Rural Cemetery” Union Cemetery – a very small historic rural cemetery – at Watt’s Farm on Rt 98 in Albion. Per the historic marker: “Union Cemetery – this land, bought from Moses… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Feb 25-28”


I went on a very exciting adventure, this evening! I am going to tell the story backwards, because the most exciting part came first and I want to build up to it, so you’ll have to wait for it! I’ve been trying for some… Continue Reading “Sightings!”

2016 Daily Photos – Feb 19 – 21

Here are the Feb 19 thru 21 Photos of the Day: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19: “Pristine” Looking across this field, there isn’t a blemish to be seen in the snow or the sky – so peaceful!!! SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20: “I’m Melting, I’m Melting…” It was… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Feb 19 – 21”

2016 Daily Photos – Feb 11-14

Here are the last few Daily Photos from Feb 11-14! THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11: “Megan’s Valentine” FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12: “Hot Cocoa and a Warm Fire” SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13: “Methodists Sure Can Cook” Pan of lasagna fresh out of the oven for the Albion FUMC Lasagna… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photos – Feb 11-14”

2016 Daily Photo – Feb 4 -7

Here we go with the Photos of the Day for Feb 4th through the 7th: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4th: “Colorful Cup of Pens” FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5th: “Morning Dusting” SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6th: “Do Not Enter” SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7th: “Landauer’s Ghost Sign”

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 28-31

Well, January will be done in just a few hours. So, let’s round out the month with the last three January Daily Photos! I stuck with it and didn’t miss a single daily photo in the first month of 2016…..only eleven months to go!… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Jan 28-31”

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 23-24

So…..looks like the theme for my 2016 Daily Photos for January 23 and 24 is ICE, ICE, BABY!!! SATURDAY, JANUARY 23: “Butterflies and Icicles” SUNDAY, JANUARY 24: “Frozen Tears on the Weeping Maple” This is the result of my practicing with Aperture-Priority Mode on… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Jan 23-24”

2016 Daily Photo – Week of Jan 11-17

Here are the 2016 Daily Photos taken the week of January 11-17. It wasn’t intentional, but there seems to be a wintery theme going through them! MONDAY, JANUARY 11 “Cold Buffet” (The Bird Buffet is full, but not many takers on this chilly day)… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Week of Jan 11-17”

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 10

Today’s Daily Photo for Sunday, January 10, 2016: “Joy” I sat in church this morning and couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with joy by the beauty of several floral arrangements that adorned the altar. I believe the flowers were left from a funeral service… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Jan 10”

2016 Daily Photo – Jan 3

Here is my Daily Photo for Sunday, January 3, 2016: “As if they were one…” The bell towers of the First United Methodist Church and the Free Methodist Church look as if they are one bell tower! Some people get confused about the two… Continue Reading “2016 Daily Photo – Jan 3”