Sunday Photos and Such

Unfortunately, Sundays are going to be tough days for me for quite some time…..probably forever! I wake up with a heavy heart before I even remember it is Sunday and my eyes fill with tears at some point within that horrible hour between 9:00 and 10:00 without even knowing what time it is or thinking about it all. So, on this third Sunday, I decided to fill the day with as many distractions as possible. I went to church, sat and talked to friends during coffee hour after the service, spent some time with cherished family members, took my camera to Point Breeze, and spent the evening with a good friend having dinner and planning out our first formal adventure of the season. I also stopped by the funeral home for the calling hours of a fellow classmate who passed away last week – I thought that was going to be unbearable – not only because it would remind me of my own mortality to say final good byes to someone my own age, but also because it is the same funeral home and room that was part of the world shattering event of just three weeks ago. But – it wasn’t the emotional disaster I thought it would be – another classmate and good friend arrived just before me and walked in with me and we met up with several other classmates. All in all, it was a good day……

So – here are a few of the photos I took at Point Breeze. It was a chilly, rainy day, so the water was rough and the damp, cold air wasn’t very welcoming. But, I hung out long enough to get some decent photos.


This is one dedicated fisherman to stand in the rain on a 40-something degree day fishing!


The rain didn’t ruin the day for these guys, either!






Definitely like an eerie scene out of the Hitchcock movie “The Birds”!

And, here are some recent photos of visitors to my Bird Buffet over the past week:


Downey Woodpecker


So excited to see a Blue Bird come check out the menu – I added meal worms in hopes of attracting him and it worked!


He hasn’t returned, yet, but it was so amazing to have him come visit!






I had to rearrange the buffet a little to make room for the Oriole feeders – hope I get some Orioles, soon!




Full house


Enjoying the cool water in the bird bath


Last year, I put a fairy garden in the bird bath – this year, I cleaned it up, put some decorative glass “stones” in the bottom and filled it with water to use it for its intended use……an inviting spa for the birds to take a swim or get a drink!



I broke down and bought myself a new 55-300 mm lens. As you can see by all these photos, it works great and lets me get much closer shots without scaring off the birds or having to crop the photos to bring them in closer! I’m ready for almost any photo op I come up on, now! 🙂

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