Easter Sunday Drive

Sunday was an incredibly beautiful sunny 60+ degree day! I couldn’t resist getting out and soaking some of it up. So, I took a Sunday drive…..cruising and singing along with some of my all time favorite tunes on the radio.


First stop was the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, then I drove some back roads through the country side and ended up at Point Breeze. It was a day full of peace and tranquility and the total enjoyment of all that nature has to offer. And, I wasn’t the only one out enjoying these amazing locations – I ran into several friendly walkers and gazers along the way. Of course, I had my camera with me and I snapped well over 200 photos. Here are a few of my favorites and ones that show just how perfect the day was.


The Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful place to take in nature at its most beautiful – located just a few miles south of Medina, NY near Alabama, NY. I have not ventured out on any of the trails, yet, but even just stopping by the overlooks and catching a hawk in the trees near the main road is an incredible experience. CLICK HERE for a link to their brochure and HERE for their web site. On this day, I sat on the bench at just one of the overlooks and relaxed while listening to the noises of nature and watching the waterfowl play.











I left the refuge and headed towards Point Breeze. I took Knowlesville Road north all the way across Ridge Road and planned to turn on Route 18 to cut over to the Point. At some point (not sure if it was there at the Ridge or some point further) the road turned into Townline Rd. When I got to Rt. 18, I noticed that Knowlesville Rd continued north, so I decided to see where it took me. I came upon a sign that said “no outlet”, but I could see the lake from where I was, so I kept going to see what was there at the very end of the road…..this was what I found – the road literally ends right there at that Dead End sign…..along with several cute little cottages!


So, I turned around (obviously, I didn’t want to go for a swim) and went back to the first intersection, which was Lake Shore Road. I debated going on to Route 18, but it was a day of exploration, so what the heck, I took the Lake Shore Road hoping maybe it ran right along the shore line so I could see the water. It didn’t, but that’s OK – still a nice country drive!


I was sure I had never been on that road before, but I was soon reminded that I HAVE taken it many, many times when I was a young girl. I discovered that Harris Road dead ends on Lake Shore Road and soon after that intersection, I passed the entrance to Sunset Beach where my grandparents had a summer cottage for many years (and I rented with a friend one summer). I didn’t typically get to that road from this direction, but it is the way I got there when I’d ride my bike from my house to the cottage – just not sure I ever knew the name of the road and how far it went in the direction I came from on Sunday.


I hoped to see more geese, ducks, and swans….kind of sparse in that regard. But, I did see one swan, a few geese, some seagulls, several people, and a boater!


The water was so calm – like glass!


See the white thing coming up the river? It is a swan that made quick time going from the point where the river meets the lake, right past me, and then on up the river out of sight! He was a swan on a mission…..maybe he was late for Easter dinner with the family!



And, there he goes….











And, so the end of a peaceful day…….

2 Comments on “Easter Sunday Drive

    • I wish I didn’t have to pick and choose just a few photos to share, here! It is always so hard to pick the best ones or choose my favorites!

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