2016 Daily Photos – March 27-31

Well, this wraps up the month of March for the 2016 Daily Photo Challenge! It was a cool month for photos – using the alphabet for my inspiration on the first 26 days was a lot of fun and the last few days definitely had a nature theme (mostly of the winged variety). So, here are the last five daily photos for March:


032716_Grace and Beauty

“Grace and Beauty”

I watched this swan travel from the point where the Oak Orchard River meets Lake Ontario at Point Breeze, NY down the river and out of sight in a matter of no time at all! She was on a mission to get somewhere, for sure! Since it was Easter Sunday, perhaps she was late for dinner with the family!


032816_Angry Graffiti

“Angry Graffiti” 

Found on the side of a building in Batavia. I thought it was cool!

As it turns out, it also sorta fits in the “nature, mostly winged” theme cause it looks like the face of an Angry Bird! hehehe


032916_Sunbathing by the Pool

“Sunbathing by the Pool”

Discovered while driving down Riches Corners Rd in Albion


033016_Hello There

“Hello, there!”

Several from the morning breakfast crowd came up to my window to say good morning, but this was the only lovely lady who stayed long enough to get her photo taken…..and then she ran off…..no time for a second shot in case the first didn’t come out! 🙂


033116_First Daffodil Bloom

“First Daffodil Bloom”

It is only 1/2 open, but I was still so very excited to discover this in my yard this morning! The others all have buds just aching to pop open any day now!

So…..there we have March! What will be the theme for April? You’ll have to wait and see! hehehe

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