2016 Daily Photos – March 11-13

The next set of 2016 Daily Photos is for March 11-13 and represents the letters K, L, and M:


031116_K is for Keys

“K is for Keys”

Tinkerbell and Disney Princess keys, to be more specific! 🙂


031216_L is for Lincoln

“L is for Lincoln”

Located in Mount Albion Cemetery, this memorial to Abraham Lincoln was placed on Dec 27, 2015. It stands 5 feet, 8 inches and includes a quote from his second Inaugural Address on March 4, 1865. It was a gift from Rajean Furmanski and Douglas Rich and was created by Brigden Memorials in Albion. It is simply STUNNING!!!


031316_M is for Meggie Moos

“M is for Meggie Moo’s Ice Cream Parlor in Medina”

A GREAT retro ice cream parlor – check it out!

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