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Hunt For Happiness

One of the new Sanford bloggers, Emily Page, is an old friend I haven’t run into in a very long time, but still think of often and fondly! She posted an entry on her blog in honor of National Hunt for Happiness Week –… Continue Reading “Hunt For Happiness”

All The Dogs I Have Loved – My First Dog

Yesterday, I posted a comment in my Saturday Ramblings about how I started to write a post about all the dogs that have been a special part of my life…….well, there were so many that it ended up being more like a book the… Continue Reading “All The Dogs I Have Loved – My First Dog”

Happy Birthday, Elvis…..

On January 8, 1935, a baby was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and his name was Elvis Presley! He would have been 73 years old today…..and, yet, almost 31 years after his death he is still revered and recognized as the “King of Rock and… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday, Elvis…..”

Count Down To Christmas

2 more days until Christmas 1 more shopping day until Christmas Tomorrow is Christmas Eve — I love Christmas Eve!!! When we were little, we would typically go to Grandma’s for Christmas, so our Christmas at home happened on Christmas Eve. Mom would make… Continue Reading “Count Down To Christmas”

Today is the day….

My Mom arrives today!!!! Her plane lands at RDU at 6:05 and I’ll be there anxiously waiting to pick her up and bring here to the house to start her TWO WEEK visit!!! I’m so excited!!!! I’m off work the whole time she’s here… Continue Reading “Today is the day….”

Fond Memories of Santa!

Yes, I have fond memories of Santa — not those that come out during the Christmas season on local street corners or those that listen to your Christmas wish list in almost every department store — no, my fond memories are of the “real”… Continue Reading “Fond Memories of Santa!”

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

How wonderful is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade???? Rich in tradition, entertaining, nostalgic, and not like any other parade! There are copy cat parades now, but none quite like the one that Macy’s has put on since 1924! It has grown and become an… Continue Reading “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade”

Fairs and Carnivals

Fairs and carnivals are predominant in most people’s memories – I am no exception. CARNIVALSWhere I grew up, carnivals were more frequent and readily available – there was one going on at some town within driving distance every weekend during “carnival season” (pretty much… Continue Reading “Fairs and Carnivals”

Remembering Elvis and Grandpa

This Thursday – August 16th – marks two very important events:First (only by virtue that it occurred first in history) – it marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Yes, I do recognize he’s dead and I don’t look for him to put in… Continue Reading “Remembering Elvis and Grandpa”