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Photos of the Day – Jan 6th

Semi-busy Friday……VERY cold outside, but just happy to have missed out on the heavy snow that some areas around us got! We made it through with just a slight dusting! As I finish this post and catch up on some of the news of… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – Jan 6th”

Photos of the Day – Jan 5th

I was out for a drive this morning….it is a VERY cold day, today – my porch thermometer reads 22 and my weather app on my phone reads 23 – BBBRRR – and there have been faint snow flurries off and on most of… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – Jan 5th”

Photos of the Day – Jan 4th

Today was a little crazy – weather-wise… started out super windy, but not terribly cold (actually felt warmer than I thought it was supposed to be). Then, as I was out and about running errands and meeting a friend for lunch, it got really… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – Jan 4th”

Photos of the Day – Jan 3rd

For today’s double photo challenge, I cheated….sort of! The photo prompt was “circle” and I decided to use my new Beatles Drum Clock as the object. But, when I put the battery in it, set the time, and mounted it on the wall next… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – Jan 3rd”

Photos of the Day – Jan 2nd

Today, I managed to take down all my outside Christmas decorations – I’ll gradually put the inside stuff away over the next few days – give me time to enjoy them just a little bit longer! Besides, some say the tree should stay up… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – Jan 2nd”

Photos of the Day – Jan 1st

Welcome to 2017 and a new challenge for Daily Photos. I think I’m going to try something a little different for a while and see where it goes. I am going to try for TWO photos every day — one will be whatever catches… Continue Reading “Photos of the Day – Jan 1st”