Photos of the Day – Jan 2nd

Today, I managed to take down all my outside Christmas decorations – I’ll gradually put the inside stuff away over the next few days – give me time to enjoy them just a little bit longer! Besides, some say the tree should stay up until Epiphany, anyway! 🙂 I also took a drive out to the Rez to fill up with gas and stopped by the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge on my way home! It was so beautiful, peaceful, and quite on the marsh… wildlife activity, but I still managed to snap a good shot for today’s “Caught By My Lens” photo and also dozed off for a few minutes because I was so relaxed! All-in-all, I was there about 45 minutes and I do believe it just might have been the most relaxed I’ve been since before the holidays!

So, anyway……here are today’s Photos of the Day – January 2, 2017:

# 2 Photo Prompt – Delicious:


“Leftovers for Dinner”

There wasn’t much left over from the amazing dinner I made for my brother, sister-in-law, and myself for New Year’s Day, but I managed to have enough for this absolutely delicious sandwich of thick slices of tender corned beef brisket on fresh pumpernickel bread! YUMMY!!! And, there’s enough for another one, tomorrow, too! Oh – and, yes, I did trim off that fat – I didn’t think it was much until I started to eat the sandwich and decided against leaving it on there! hehehe

# 2 Caught By My Lens:


“Hunters Walk the Marsh at Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge”

January 2017’s Photo of the Day Prompts:


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