Photos of the Day – Jan 3rd

For today’s double photo challenge, I cheated….sort of! The photo prompt was “circle” and I decided to use my new Beatles Drum Clock as the object. But, when I put the battery in it, set the time, and mounted it on the wall next to the framed Beatles poster I already had, I wanted to use them both as my “Caught By My Lens” shot. So, what to do??? I looked for something else to use for “circle” photo, but nothing seemed to feel right after my original thought! So…..I thought…..why not take two different shots of the same thing and leave it at that!!!??? So, I did…..cause I can…’s my blog, I can do what I want!!!!   🙂

Back story:  I have adored the Beatles since they first got off that plane in 1964…..I was 8 years old and glued to the TV set right beside my Mom. That began a shared love of their music between us over the years. When I bought my house here in Albion, I looked for the perfect artwork for the walls in my den – a room I knew I’d be spending a great deal of time in, since that is where my desk and computer is located….not to mention the desk faces the window that looks out over my front yard and bird feeding station! When I saw this framed poster, I knew I found just what that room needed! So…..I’ve had this poster on this wall for going on six years, now. Then, this past fall, I saw an ad for this Beatles Drum Clock and fell in love with it!!! I ordered it immediately – I knew it would look perfect on the wall next to that poster……and…..I didn’t have a wall clock in the den, only the one on my computer! It was put on back order and I kept getting notices that it was not going to make the targeted ship date and given new ship dates……until, finally, it showed up on my door step just a couple days before Christmas! WOW – of course, I knew that Santa came through to be sure I didn’t have to wait for it any longer! So, I consider this a Christmas present from the man in red…..I don’t mind at all that he used my credit card to pay for it! hehehe

So, here are the Photos of the Day for January 3, 2017:

# 3 Photo Prompt – Circle:


“New Den Clock”

# 3 Caught By My Lens:


“My Beatles Tribute Wall”

And, now……some music to seal the deal:

January 2017’s Photo of the Day Prompts:



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