Photos of the Day – Jan 4th

Today was a little crazy – weather-wise… started out super windy, but not terribly cold (actually felt warmer than I thought it was supposed to be). Then, as I was out and about running errands and meeting a friend for lunch, it got really cold and even windier and there was a light snow swirling around from time to time! But, it was a really nice day, regardless. Like I said, I met a friend for lunch and saw a ton of other friends as we sat there eating and chatting. I even ran into friends and family at the bank, in WalMart, and the grocery store! Yes, it was a lovely day. And……it was all topped off by coming home to find I had deliveries of things I ordered from Mary Kay and Amazon and the best thing to happen above all…….there was a gift bag left on my porch with a wonderful surprise inside! But, alas, there was no card, note, or tag telling me who left it…..if they included one, the strong winds took it off to La-La-Land somewhere!

So……today, my Photos of the Day reflect the fun side of the day! Here they are – January 4, 2017’s Photos of the Day:

# 4 Photo Prompt – Animal:


“Animal Crackers in My Soup”

When I saw today’s prompt, this is the very first thing I thought of…, while I was out shopping, I picked up a box!

# 4 Caught By My Lens:


“Wonderful Mystery Gift”

Thank you so much to whoever left this absolutely perfect gift for me!!!

We can not mention an adorable Shirley Temple song without a clip to celebrate it….

January 2017’s Photo of the Day Prompts:


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