Photos of the Day – Jan 5th

I was out for a drive this morning….it is a VERY cold day, today – my porch thermometer reads 22 and my weather app on my phone reads 23 – BBBRRR – and there have been faint snow flurries off and on most of the day!!! But, I went out, anyway, in search of the perfect shot to catch my eye for today’s Photo of the Day. I found it just as I turned the corner over the bridge onto the road that goes along the north side of Lake Alice in Waterport! There, on the hill across the road from the lake was the prettiest little seating area – obviously there so the owners may sit and watch boaters on the lake during the water recreational season is going strong. But…..what struck me was the colorful chairs against the dry, brown weeds AND the stacks and stacks of fire wood around the chairs! Maybe the chairs aren’t as “seasonal” as first thought!!!???

So, here are my Photos of the Day for January 5, 2017:

# 5 Photo Prompt – Fave Thing:


“Ben and Jerry”

I rarely say “no” to ice cream….no matter what the weather is outside!!!

# 5 Caught By My Lens:


“Come Sit a Spell”

Overlooking Lake Alice, Waterport, NY


Runner-Up:   “Lonely, Odd Tree”

Then, a ways down Rt. 18 around Kendall, I had to stop to take a pic of this tree…….so odd looking……and so lonely – not another tree anywhere near it!!!

January 2017’s Photo of the Day Prompts:


2 Comments on “Photos of the Day – Jan 5th

    • LOVE Perry’s ice cream…..but, hard to find the flavors I like in the pint size in our grocery store and when I buy a whole container, I get myself in trouble! 🙂

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