Missed the shot by seconds….

Here I am up in the middle of the night reading and writing blogs because I crashed on the couch watching TV after work and now I can’t sleep when I’m supposed to be sleeping – AGAIN!!!

As I was sitting here reading blogs, I glanced around the room behind me and saw three little angels all snuggled up sound asleep! They are so precious when they are sleeping! So, I very slowly and quietly reached for the camera, got it ready, and swiveled the chair around to get the first shot! I figured the flash would alert them all, so I chose Megan to be the first cause she was curled up in the cutest way! But – the chair squeaked when I swiveled around and she opened her eyes and lifted her head just as I snapped the picture!!!! uugghh — it is still cute, though!

Then, Katie was still laying there quietly (eyes open, but not really all that interested in fully waking up) – so I snapped a shot of her looking so beautiful………..she really is a beauty queen!!!!

After a couple of minutes, I noticed both Megan and Amy kissing all over Katie’s beautiful face — it is rare that I EVER have a chance to get them all in one shot – and one so perfectly adorable is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!! But – alas – just as I snapped the pic, Megan and Amy stopped kissing Katie and looked at me!!!! uugghh, again!!! But – it is still the first time I have EVER gotten all three in one shot, so I’m still calling it my miracle picture!!!

The second I shot that picture, Megan and Amy both jumped on me and made me snap the camera — not sure what the lens was pointing at when they made me press the button, but this is what I got!!!! Hey — there are far more bazaar photos and paintings in art galleries all over the world being touted as “brilliant” with huge price tags on them — if people can sell paintings made by monkeys playing with paint brushes, why can’t I call a photo created by two excited dogs “ART”????? Just look at the color contrast and composition — magnifique!!! Maybe I’m an artist and just don’t know it!!!! When I’m famous, you all can say you knew me when……..ha-ha

Man, it is 3:40 AM — I gotta get to bed and see if I can sleep for a couple hours before I have to get up for work!!!!

Monday Morning

Can I just stay in my jammies all wrapped up in my blankie for a few more hours this morning??? Can I, please??? Man, it was hard to get out of bed this morning!!! But, I did it – got the girls all taken care of and am all ready for work!

I need to get myself in a joyful sing along with the girls —

maybe “Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work I Go” will get me in the mood


how about “Oh What A Beautiful Morning, Oh What A Beautiful Day, I’ve Got A Beautiful Feeling, Everything’s Going My Way”


the only thing that keeps popping into my head is the Mama’s and the Papa’s hit: “Monday, Monday” – here’s the last verse:

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day
Monday, Monday, it just turns out that way
Oh Monday, Monday, won’t go away
Monday, Monday, it’s here to stay
Oh Monday, Monday
Oh Monday, Monday

Sorta sums it all up………………….ha-ha-ha!!!!

Sunday Evening Ramblings

As of today, I have had more than 300 hits on my blog — I have only been tracking hits since about the holiday time frame, so that is pretty good!!! And, the # of return visits is rapidly making up 1/2 of the total, so I’m getting a lot of regular readers! Woo Hoo — I’m becoming popular! ha-ha-ha

I am watching “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” on the Family Channel — I’ve seen it several times and never get tired of seeing it again! It is one of the funniest movies ever — and a good love story, too!!! And educational — it is where I learned that any injury or ailment can be cured by spraying Windex on it!!! ha-ha-ha

My sweet Amy always looks like she is holding the weight of the entire world on her shoulders – she scrunches her forehead up so that it is all wrinkled and hangs her head down sorta cocked to one side and whimpers at me — she’s so forelorn!!!! She’s so gentle and wants to cuddle more than either of the other two girls……..we play “come closer” all the time – that is when she snuggles in close (already about as close as she can get) and I pat my leg or shoulder and say “come closer” and she scooches in a little closer and I do it again and she pushes herself up against me tighter and we keep doing that until she looks at me like “goodness, gracious, how much closer can I get?” and just plops on top of me!!!! ha-ha-ha It’s like that scene in “Steel Magnolias” when Shirley McLaine’s character sits next to Debra Winger’s little daughter at the funeral and she keeps tapping her side to get the little girl to move closer and closer……. It’s a ritual with us and Amy loves playing it!!!

Another game we ALL play is “get silly on the bed” —- this was Puddles’ favorite game — she used to go running through the house and hit the bed and rub herself all over it and mess the blankets all up – the more I would encourage her by saying “are you getting silly on that bed?”, the more she would roll around………..then, Katie saw how much fun it was and began to play the game, but she would roll around on the bed and then when the blankets were all bunched up, she would get a hold of a corner and drag them into the living room to make herself a bed in there to rub all over!!!! Now, all the girls play the game all together — one will burrow their way up under the blankets and the others will bite and paw at the moving hump in the blankets and I’ll laugh and say, “who’s that under the covers? how silly can you get on that bed?” and the one under the covers will finally stick their head out to get a kiss —- they also work to push all the blankets and pillows off the bed onto the floor…………..what fun we have!!!!

Man, that wind was something else today!!!! I was out driving and almost got hit by a trash can flying across the street and a big limb that fell not far in front of me — then, I ran over something that flew in front of me so fast I couldn’t avoid it!!! Not sure what it was, but it doesn’t look like it did any damage – it sure banged up under my car loudly, though!!! Then, when I got home, the door on my shed had blown open, a piece of siding from the back of the house was on the ground, and all the deck furniture was scrunched all to one side of the deck – even a heavy park bench!!! I put everything back where it belongs and checked for major damage — none that I can see! WHEW! But – the siding piece came from way up just under the gutters – I don’t have a ladder that tall, so I will have to get a friend to come by with a tall ladder to put it back up for me!!!!

Well – the weekend is over!!! Tomorrow starts the last week in my current position — my transfer to my new position is effective on the 16th! Guess I’ll get some sleep to prepare for a busy week!

Movie Review – Fools Gold

I went to see Fools Gold today at the 10:00 early bird matinee in Sanford! This movie stars Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughy, Donald Sutherland, and Alexis Dziena. It was a fairly good movie — not great, but not bad, and there were parts that were pretty good.

It is the story of Finn (McConaughy) and Tess (Hudson) who, at the start of the movie, are getting a divorce. Finn and Tess were treasure hunters in the Florida Keys and Tess wanted a more stable life in Chicago. Finn gets into trouble with a gangster rapper who loaned him money to upgrade his boat. When the boat burns and sinks, the gangster rapper has his henchmen kill him to retaliate for losing his investment. Tess works as a steward on the yacht of millionaire Nigel Honeycutt (Sutherland). At the divorce proceedings, Finn tells Tess that he found evidence of the treasure ship they have been searching for years for is right where they thought it was and tries to talk her into looking for it with him. She declines but decides to ask her boss to help HER find it using his yacht. Finn finds out there is a millionaire in port and goes after him for a loan. They end up both convincing Nigel to go on this treasure hunt all together and the adventure begins – including: the gangster rapper finds out his order to kill Finn wasn’t successful, so he goes after him again – an old friend-turned-rival finds out about his discovery and goes for it himself – and the famous, spoiled, “Paris Hilton” type daughter (Dziena) of millionaire Nigel gets involved and does an adorable job of acting all ditzy!!!!

The movie starts out really slow and I was just about to give in and consider it a dud…….but, about 1/2 way through, it picked up and started to get good. There were some really good chase and fight scenes filmed both on and under the water and some great scenery shots of the beautiful waters off the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.
So — will this get added to my video/DVD collection? NO
Was I sorry I spent the money on it? NO
Did I enjoy it? For the most part, YES……

Rating – 1 shakey thumbs up or a B-

Best line? Finn’s Ukranian partner is defending his value as a person and says: “I am the lead character of my own story!” I like that — it just might become my second favorite phrase right after “Choose Your Attitude”!!!

New Ice Cream Flavors – My Review….

I love Caramel………..PERIOD – End of Story! If desserts, candy, or ice cream has caramel in it, then I am bound by law to try it – it is my duty, my calling…..I must surrender to the “voices” – get the picture?

With that said, I was in Food Lion the other day to pick up some things I needed. One need took me down the aisle with eggs and butter. Down that aisle is also the ice cream coolers. I was NOT looking for ice cream, mind you, and didn’t even make a conscious effort to look towards the ice cream coolers. But, as I walked down that aisle, I glanced to the left at just the right moment (maybe it was the “voices” that made me do it) and some new packaging in the ice cream section caught my eye. I went to take a closer look………………and discovered new Breyers flavors with CARAMEL!!!! OMG – what could I do? I tried to move on and leave the store without buying the new flavors, but my feet were glued to the floor until I put the containers in my cart!!!!

The flavors I selected and my opinions of them after tasting both are as follows:

Breyers Caramel PretzelCaramel flavored light ice cream with caramel swirls and chocolatey coated pretzels. This has lots of thin caramel swirls and big pieces of pretzels coated with chocolate. The flavor is really good and definitely met my expectations. The mix of the sweet caramel and chocolate with the salty pretzels was really quite good. The less than perfect parts: 1) the pretzels weren’t always crunchy – if the chocolate coating was fully intact, the pretzel was crunchy – if not, then the moisture from the ice cream softened the pretzel and it lost it’s crunch. 2) the caramel swirls are thin ribbons – not nice thick, gooey bands of caramel.

1-5 Rating: Flavor – 4, Caramel factor – 3, Texture – 2 — Overall – 3
** If extra caramel sauce is used as a topping – 5

Breyers Fried Ice CreamCinnamon flavored light ice cream with honey caramel with cinnamon toasted tostada pieces. This one left a lot to be desired. The ice cream had a nice flavor, but I’m not sure I was impressed with the addition of the cinnamon flavoring. The toasted tostada pieces felt weird – they were a strange combination of chewy and semi-crunchy. There was little or no actual visible signs of caramel anywhere. Bottom line – caramel or no caramel, I won’t buy this one again and I may not even finish the tub I did buy…..

1-5 Rating: Flavor – 3, Caramel factor – 1, Texture – 1 — Overall – 1
** If extra caramel sauce is used as a topping – hhmm – nope, not even that would help!!!

All Animals Open House

All Animals is having an open house on Saturday (9th) from 1:00-3:00! Feb is Pet Dental Health Month and they will be highlighting their dental services during the open house!

Take your dogs and meet the fabulous Doctors and Staff at All Animals — you’ll see why I love them all to pieces and won’t take my girls anywhere else! Katie, Megan, and Amy adore Dr. Cindy (Dr. John is pretty wonderful, too) and have a blast socializing at Rae-Zor’s for doggie day care and grooming…….the new facilities on 421 just outside of town headed toward Siler City are GREAT!!!
Check them out!

All The Dogs I Have Loved – Mimi

I didn’t forget about the series I started a couple Sunday’s ago – I’ve just been busy and haven’t given it as much thought as I had planned…..

So – here is the next in the series: MIMI

Mimi’s full registered name was Jacques Mimi IV. She was a miniature silver poodle and was my best friend in my grammar school years. I adored her and would sing The Beatles’ Michelle to her all the time. I also sang other songs to her and pretended to speak French with her! ha-ha
Mimi was famous, too — she was in the Buffalo newspaper for giving birth to SIX puppies in one litter – very unusual for her breed and size!!!! One of her puppies was much larger than all the others – he was a large, fat, ball of little boy!!! And a real hell-raiser! We called him Bimbo!!! One day, Bimbo chewed on an electrical cord that ran behind a chair – it was plugged in and gave him quite a shock! Poor little guy!!!! All of Mimi’s puppies were sold and it was the only litter she ever had.
Mimi was such a sweet girl and definitely high on the list of All The Dogs I Have Loved!!!!