The pressure is on…..

Billy Liggett, Sanford Herald Editor, wrote about my blog (and other great local bloggers) on his blog ( today. His kind comments prompted a lot of visitors and gave me a lot to live up to! Hhhmmm – I love a good challenge!!!!

I gotta say, I love blogging and I really enjoy reading what others have to say in their blogs and leaving comments for them from time to time! It is a lot of fun and I look forward to finding other Sanford bloggers!

If you’re a Sanford blogger, leave me a comment and let me know you’re out there! I’d love to add you to the list I have in my favorites that I read every day!

Happy Blogging!

Aahh – Sleep!

The hiccups finally stopped just before 1:00 am and I was able to fall asleep! Then, the alarm started going off at 5:30………..needless to say, the snooze button got a lot of use this morning!

Hiccups – Uugghh!!!

I get the hiccups a lot — the deep, hard, painful kind!!!! They come on suddenly and always at the worst times!!!! Here it is bed time and I’ve got a nasty case of hiccups nagging at me……

I have a fool proof cure, but it’s not working!!!!

My hiccup cure:

  • Get a glass of water
  • Take a deep breath and hold it
  • Take at least seven (7) sips of water, swallow between each sip, hold your breath all the time (sip, swallow, sip, swallow, sip, swallow, etc…)
  • Continue past seven sips, if you can hold your breath that long — I take as many sips as I can before I have to breathe again
  • Sometimes, for tough hiccups, it takes a second round

Dang – four rounds and they are still there!!!!! I’m doomed!!!! Any suggestions?????


What is special about Wednesday?

  • Hump Day – half way to the much anticipated weekend days
  • The day I gather all the trash and take it to the street for Thursday pick up
  • I was born on a Wednesday – October 24, 1956
  • Project Runway is on Bravo at 10:00 pm
  • It is spelled funny – why is there a “d” and “e”? Why not spell it “Wensday”?
  • Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe
  • Ash Wednesday – first day of Lent – Catholics apply ashes to their foreheads as a sign of Penance
  • The daughter on the Addams Family was named Wednesday

If Wednesday’s have special meaning to you, leave a comment to tell me about it!

For more interesting tidbits about Wednesday, click on this link:

Katie Holmes In Mad Money

I just read on AOL that the critics are SLAMMING Katie Holmes’ performance in Mad Money!

First, I rarely agree with the critics – I read their opinions for entertainment, but don’t listen to them. If a movie peaks my interest and is the type of movie I enjoy seeing, I go see it and form my own opinion! I never understood why some people stay away from a movie just because the critics say it isn’t worth their time!!! It is a shame that critics have the power to kill a movie before the vast majority have a chance to prove them wrong! There are a lot of movies that end up being huge hits on video after they were declared duds and dropped at the theater because of bad reviews and subsequent low box office turn out!

Now – about my opinion of Katie’s performance in Mad Money: I think she was adorable and was perfect in her role as the hippie-ish cart girl. The critics thought her dancing made her character look childish and unbelievable. Quite the contrary — I think her dancing was charming and put the cherry on top of her character – it made the character! AND made her ability to pull off her part of the plan go unnoticed by the security cameras. I think she looked like she was having fun — not only was her character having fun, but SHE was having fun playing the character!

BRAVO, Katie — job well done!!!

Get a grip, critics — not all movies have to live up to A Streetcar Named Desire; not all characters have to be as deep as Blanche DuBois or Stanley Kowalski; not all actors have to be as powerful as Vivian Leigh or Marlon Brando……………..I absolutely agree that Streetcar was an amazing film and the characters/actors deserve their spot of honor in classic movie history – BUT – some movies/characters/actors are just plain entertaining and give us something to smile about!!! And that’s OK, too!!!

Snow In Sanford

We had our first snow of the season here in Sanford yesterday – well, second, if you count the faint, 2 second showing of snow that you had to squint to see a couple weeks ago – I am not counting that day – yesterday was the REAL first snow!!

This is what I saw looking out to my back yard this morning….

JUST KIDDING – this isn’t my yard and not even in Sanford and not even this year — it is a photo my brother sent me of HIS back yard after a nasty storm they had in my home town last year. THIS is what I saw looking out of my den window this morning – there was a little more of an accumulation late last night, but not much more than this!
The weather reports called it a “winter storm” and predicted 1-3 inches for our area. Now, remember, I grew up in the Buffalo snow belt on Lake Ontario in Western New York — in my books, 1-3 inches is a minor annoyance – not a winter storm!!! Tell me you are predicting a foot or more in a 24 hour period and I’ll start paying attention!!!

Yes, despite my history with snow, I DO get a little giddy about seeing the first (and usually the only) snow that Sanford gets each year, but I don’t tend to get too excited about it. I get a real kick out of everything shutting down and people rushing out to the grocery stores to “stock up” in case they get “snowed in”…….in the 20+ years I’ve lived here, there have only been two times that I can remember not being unable to get out for more than a day – once due to snow and once due to ice – both were pretty nasty storms and ones that created a lot of real havoc! I do get a little nervous when they predict a wintry mix, though – to be fair to the reason the town shuts down, we aren’t equipped here to handle any accumulation of snow and the problem here is usually caused by ICE, which is far worse than snow!

So – back to yesterday’s snow fall…….it started about 2:00 or so, I guess, as a mix of rain and sleet. It soon turned to huge, white, wet, flakes of snow! It came down pretty hard and lasted for several hours and at times was snowing hard enough to impair visibility a little!!! So, it was a pretty significant down fall…………….unfortunately, it didn’t stick much!!! The ground still wasn’t terribly cold and the flakes were so wet, they mostly melted into the ground until later in the evening. When it finally started to accumulate, it pretty much stopped and returned to a fine, sleety type snow. So — what ended up being visible on the ground was little more than a dusting – nothing that we could have made angels in or made snowballs with or built a snowman with…….the girls barely noticed it – even when I let them out while it was coming down nice and hard – so I don’t have any photos of them acting crazy in the snow!!! But — it came down pretty good for quite a while – if the ground conditions had been more receptive, we just might have had a nice accumulation!!!

It is all gone now — all except a crusty coating on my back deck where the sun doesn’t really shine directly enough to melt it and a patch or two on some of my neighbor’s yards. But – it created some excitement around here and was really pretty while it was coming down!!!

Saturday Matinees

Two new movies opened this weekend that have been on my radar since I first saw their trailers. Finally, Hollywood is starting to put out movies that get me back into the theater with some level of excitement! The few that have peaked my interest in past months have been disappointments! BUT – lately, there have been several that I have eagerly anticipated and more coming according to the previews shown at the theater! I’m really pumped!!!

The two I wanted to see that opened this weekend were 27 Dresses and Mad Money – I debated and thought and deeply contemplated about which one I would see this weekend! Once I decided to see them BOTH – one on Saturday and one on Sunday, I went through the same intense decision making process to determine which one I would see on Saturday and which one I would see on Sunday! I finally decided to see the BOTH on Saturday — the decision of which to see first was easy – the movie start times staggered them so that 27 Dresses was first and Mad Money second! The weather played a very small factor, too — I don’t get too excited about a little snow, but there was some indication that the roads might get messy late in the afternoon, so I had a plan – just in case! I would start with the early bird matinee (10:00 am) and then the next movie time was the first regular matinee time (12:45 pm) – this should get me through both movies and home before the worst of what was being predicted came through! Another part of the plan was to not actually purchase both tickets at once and go outside between movies to see if there was any indication that maybe I’d better get home earlier!

So – I set out to the movie theater with my plan all mapped out! I got to the theater about 9:45 and when I turned into the parking lot, there were NO cars – only a couple off to the side where the employees park! I drove up to the front of the theater and the marquee and the poster both still advertised the 10:00 showing, but the theater looked dark! Were they open? Was this a wrench in my well thought out plan? Then, I saw employees inside behind the counter, so I parked and went in! I have gone to matinees before where I was the only one there – made me feel like Elvis when he would rent out the whole showing just for him and his friends – it is like a special showing just for me! But this was the first time I was the only one in the entire theater!!!! I got my popcorn and drink and sat where I usually do and started watching the pre-movie ads. Just as the previews began, some others came in — so I graciously shared my private showing with them!

The first movie was 27 Dresses — the story is about a girl who has been a bridesmaid in 27 weddings and has all 27 dresses in her closet! She is in love with the idea of weddings and being a part of them! She goes above and beyond to fulfill the duties of the devoted bridesmaid! Without giving out too much detail: there is a guy who becomes quite smitten with her, but he starts out with an ulterior motive before he falls madly in love with her and, of course, the ulterior motive can’t be stopped and gets in the way; there is a guy who she has secretly loved “forever”, everyone but the guy sees it, but the guy is oblivious to it; and, finally, there is the younger sister who comes to town and the “secret love” guy falls for the sister and the sister, of course, asks her to be her bridesmaid and help her plan the wedding! All this comes together in a hilarious series of events that culminate to the perfect happy ending! Aahh…… It is familiar and predictable — same old story with a different theme, but it really is funny and cute and entertaining — I enjoyed it.

After the movie, I had some time until the next one started, so I went to the Hallmark store to get some cards and a wedding gift and saw that the weather front had not started to move in, yet — so, I went back for the second movie — all according to plan.

Mad Money was everything I thought it would be — great characters, great story, funny, fun, entertaining, well put together and well executed!!! They couldn’t have cast it better — Diane Keaton, Queen Latifa, and Katie Holmes were perfect for their roles and made the movie a success!!! The idea of stealing worn out money from the Federal Reserve that was in queue for destruction in a way that it wouldn’t be detected was ingenious! Diane Keaton plays a socialite who’s husband lost his job in a downsizing effort and finds herself in a situation of needing to find a job or lose their beautiful home! She takes a job as a cleaning lady at the Federal Reserve and begins to think as she sees the way things are done there! She elicits the help of two key employees – Katie Holmes, who delivers the locked carts of money to the shredding room, and Queen Latifa, who runs the shredder! The entire place is under high security and video scrutiny – EVERYWHERE, EVERY SECOND, EVERYTHING! But, Diane watches and learns and comes up with the perfect plan (gotta love a woman who puts together a perfect plan) – and it WORKS!!! The entire movie is a gem! I loved it!

So — I am FOUR FOR FOUR now!!! The last 4 movies I’ve seen were winners – PS I Love You, The Bucket List, 27 Dresses, and Mad Money!!! Woo Hoo — looking forward to some of the others that are coming out in the coming months!