No Movie…..

I didn’t go see either of the movies I was debating seeing this weekend. The blogs on “Awake” don’t sound so good, so the decision was to see “August Rush”. But, I ended up having so many odds and ends to take care of that I never got around to it. Maybe next weekend!


I had one of those moments we all get from time to time — whatever it was, here it is:

I got home from running some errands mid-afternoon. When I got home, I got out of the car, gathered my things, and headed towards the front door. I walked up the porch steps and when I reached the top of the steps, I held out my key ring, pointed it at the front door to my home, and pressed the button on my key remote………………..the kicker is, I actually pressed it TWICE before I realized that the reason I didn’t hear the familiar “click” was that my key remote works just fine on my CAR, but not my house!!!!!! DUH!!!!!

Count Down To Christmas

23 more days until Christmas
20 more days until my Mom gets here to start her 2 week visit
3 more shopping weekends until Christmas

Sanford’s Christmas Parade

I was very disappointed Friday – I was sick and missed the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Depot Park!!!! I enjoy attending that event and am so sorry I had to miss it!!! But — there are two other great ways to kick off the Christmas Season right here in Sanford this week —

1 – A Carolina Country Christmas opened at the Temple on 11-19-07 and runs through 12-16-07! If it’s anything like past years, it promises to be a totally enjoyable evening! I have tickets to the Thursday matinee show this week and I’m taking my staff as their holiday “thank you for a great year” gift! We’re all really looking forward to it!!!! I’ll probably go with friends one evening while it’s playing, too.

2 – The Sanford Christmas Parade will be held on Monday 12-03-07 at 7:00 PM downtown! If you come out to watch it or just watch it on the local TV station, watch for the Communities In Schools entry! According to the line up printed in Sunday’s Herald, we’re # 46 – right between G.W. Godfrey and Sanford Rent-All. The theme this year is “Christmas at the Beach” – so, I’m driving my mustang with the top down and will have our Executive Director and Program Coordinator riding shotgun……come out and cheer us on as we drive by you!!!!

So — get with the holiday spirit and enjoy some of the great attractions in town!

Decisions, Decisions….

There are two movies I would like to see — not sure which one will win out this weekend (or will I just go ahead and see both?)……

AWAKE – sounds intriguing, but wonder if it will give me surgery nightmares!

AUGUST RUSH – my type of movie and one I considered last weekend!

hhhmmm – wonder what I’ll decide……

TGIF and More

It’s FRIDAY!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

I put in a bad night — lots of deep, choking coughing………could hardly breathe………got little or no real sleep! So, I didn’t push it and stayed home another day to take care of myself! Don’t want this thing to slip backwards into Bronchitis or Pneumonia!!!

I talked to the Doc today about my blood pressure — I’m starting to take Benicar to control it! I see him again on the 13th…….

Enough of the yucky news — on the good side:

I paid $3.04 to fill my gas tank about a week ago — then I saw it drop to $3.01 — now, today, I see it at $2.99 on the south side of town (best place to get gas – any of the stations on the south side of town – they always seem to be several cents less than the north side……wonder why????) I’m about ready to fill up again, so glad to see it is down under $3.00 – barely, but at least it is under!!!!

That’s it for now…….

Megan – Jealousy is such a green monster!

Megan has always proudly held the nickname “The Monster” because of her mischievous side……so, it’s not so surprising to say that she is the one that exhibits the most prominent tendencies of that green monster called “Jealousy”!!! I admit, most of the time it is cute and really, really makes me laugh, but it can (and has) caused some problems, as well….. As a result, another nickname she has is “Pushy Broad”…….. ha-ha!

Megan is possessive of EVERYTHING — everything and everyone in the house is “HER’S”! ha-ha!!! If either Katie or Amy so much as look at a toy, Megan jumps to get it first — if they start to gaze out a window, she pushes in front of them to get the best view — if Amy starts to kiss on or cuddle up to Katie, she squeezes in between them to break them up so she can be the one to kiss Katie — and visa versa if Katie acts like she is showing some interest in Amy! And, no one can get close to me without her weaseling her way in to be the closest one to me!! She typically doesn’t get nasty about it, though, which is good!!!

The reason I am blogging about this topic this morning is because she really showed herself in full form a little bit ago: When Megan saw Amy getting a little hug from me, she pushed her out of the way; then, Amy immediately went to sniff at a ball and Megan lost interest in me and grabbed the ball away from Amy; Amy wandered toward Katie and Megan dropped the ball and ran to get between Amy and Katie; Amy headed toward the window to look outside and Megan stopped kissing on Katie and beat Amy to the spot at the window; then, Amy got up on the love seat and Megan left the window to get up on the love seat – where she could have comfortably fit beside Amy, but, no – she had to push Amy aside so she could have the spot that Amy selected!!! All was good natured and took no more than a couple minutes total, but Megan still got a scolding from Mom!!!!

I try to make it a point that she isn’t the queen of the roost and that she doesn’t get first choice at everything – she has to wait her turn, which may be first or only, but not always — I make her wait and not be the first through the door (when I can – that one is not as easy as it sounds) — when giving out treats, she is the last one who gets one (all three have to sit, be calm, and take their turn before they get their treat) — when she crowds in when I’m cuddling with another, I make her wait and don’t allow her to take over right away — when all three are excited to see me, I keep her from not allowing the others the chance to get the hello pets, too — and things like that — the point is that she isn’t always FIRST or ONLY and that she can still get just as much attention if she is less pushy! But, she doesn’t seem to care! ha-ha! She listens very well and knows what “no” means and is good about stopping when I tell her to, but usually only for that moment in time – then, another chance to be possessive comes up and all bets are off! ha-ha

Any other suggestions from the Peanut Gallery????