Tuesday Ramblings

Just some thoughts for the day:

  • My fractured rib is actually starting to feel a little better today — it was pretty bad the past few days, but I got up this morning and didn’t immediately need to reach for the Motrin to make up for the night time meds wearing off…..good sign! It still hurts and I sneezed about an hour ago and it brought tears to my eyes, but over all, I do think it is making some major improvements!!!
  • I read Irene Harvley-Felder’s review of the Mark Twain show at the Temple Theater and am even MORE anxious to see it than I already was!!! I can’t wait!!! I am going on Sunday, so my review will be of the final showing and won’t be able to serve as a way to raise interest and get more people to go see it. So — my plea to anyone reading this blog is to go read Irene’s review in today’s Herald — she did a beautiful job on it!!! If you don’t have access to the Herald, then just take my word for it (and Irene’s) — this show will be well worth your time and money!!!
  • I’m making a pot of chili for dinner — yum!!!
  • My home state of NY has made national news in the past day or two — but not for good things! He has been implicated in a prostitution ring and arranging for a prostitute to travel across state lines to meet him in a hotel in DC………another politician who holds the world to one standard and himself to another one — a standard with little or no moral back bone!!! Why was I surprised — oh, yeah – I really WASN’T surprised!
  • As I watched the clips of the NY Governor admitting to his indiscretions and apologizing publicly to his family, I found myself watching his wife more than watching him! I hate that they always put the spouses next to them when they give their “I know I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry I did” speeches…..how humiliating for them!!! The intent is to put on a good public face so that the politician can say that they have the support of their family through whatever difficult time they are going through. I always imagine that as soon as they get off camera and out of view of the media that they pull away and give them the piece of their mind that they deserve! When watching the wife in the recent clips, she looked like she hasn’t slept in days and could barely bring herself to look at him! I can’t imagine getting news like this under normal circumstances – but to hear that your husband has been soliciting prostitutes under such public settings – man, not even imaginable!!
  • The TV show “Medium” was on last night with a whole new show – hurray, the writers are getting some work out!!! I looked forward to watching it and really wanted to see it — but, it comes on at 10:00 and by the time it started, I was crashed and snoring on the couch! (yeah, I admit it – I snore from time to time…….) So, I missed it!!! ;-(
  • Tomorrow night, Top Chef starts a new season — I sure hope I can stay up until 10:00 to see it!!! I set the recorder for that one — just in case……..

I guess that’s all that I have on my mind for the moment…….

3rd Gala Preparations Underway!!!

Preparations for Communities In Schools of Lee County’s Third Annual Gala for Children are underway!!! We have a host and a major sponsor — date still TBD, but will be in the fall.

This is an amazing annual event that raises funds for CIS to continue working with Lee County Schools to offer programs that are specifically targeted to help kids stay in school and prepare for life.

Watch for announcements in the coming months in the CIS Monthly Newsletters, various Sanford media options (Sanford Herald, local TV and Radio, etc.), and here on my blog! If you would like more information about the Gala, CIS, or to be added to the distribution list for the CIS monthly newsletter, leave a comment here and I will contact you directly.

All The Dogs I Have Loved – Buffy

The next dog I want to highlight in this series is: BUFFY! Her full name was Miss Buffington. She was a mini-toy (miniature size mixed with a toy size) Apricot Poodle. I had Buffy in my teenage and into my early adult years. She was so pretty — fluffy, soft, cuddly, and adorable!! Because she was a mini-toy, she was much smaller than usual miniature poodles, but not so small that she was tiny – like a toy would be.

Buffy would trot along trying to keep up with me with her short little legs to follow me everywhere I went. My brother and boyfriends would get a big kick out of pretending they were going to hit me so that they could watch her try to attack them!!! She would curl up her upper lip to show her teeth and growl to warn them off – when that wouldn’t work, she would lunge at them to try and eat them up! Of course, she was so small that it was just funny and not really all that menacing!! But — I just bet that if they were really trying to hit me and didn’t laugh when she tried to protect me, that she could undoubtedly put a real solid hurt on them!!!!

I remember many long, warm summer days laying out on a blanket in the back yard and Buffy laying there beside me, soaking up the sun and enjoying being near me! Quite often, I would be playing records with my girlfriends and we’d be singing and dancing along — well, Buffy would love to get into the action and get all excited to dance around with us – hopping around and jumping at us! I would pick her up and hold her while I was dancing and she’d just lick at my face to thank me for the dance! She enjoyed doing whatever I was doing…….

Buffy lived a long, pampered life. She was probably about 17 or so when she died peacefully of cancer. She had tumors in her belly that were not really bothering her, so the vet advised we just ignore them and not put her through surgery at her age. She lives several years with them. Then, one night she went to sleep and didn’t wake up. I mourned her deeply and still think fondly of her now and then.

I used to write some pretty corny poetry — here are two that I wrote about Buffy:

Miss Buffington

Little Buffy is so playful and funny.
She dances and prances and hops like a bunny.
She runs outside and chases butterflies.
And she has soft and big brown eyes.
She’s my doggie and mine alone.
And she loves me, me and me alone.

My Dawg

I love my puppy.
Her name is Buffy.
She loves to play
and run all day.
She has long soft ears
and barks at mirrors.
Her fur is really, really curly
and she licks me out of bed early.
I love my puppy.
Her name is Buffy.

So – that is Buffy — my long time best friend!

I have a BOO BOO…..

No, not that kind of BOO BOO — an “ouchie” BOO BOO! I have been dealing with a sharp pain in my right side for about 3 weeks now! I thought I pulled a muscle or something, but also recognized that the pain was just about where my gall bladder is, so wondered if it might be that! I started to hurt so bad that I finally gave in and went to the new Urgent Care facility on Hawkins Ave about a week and a half ago. They ruled out gall bladder (no other symptoms associated with gall bladder problems). They took some X-rays because they suspected a cracked rib, but the X-rays didn’t show anything. They concluded it might just be muscular and gave me some pain medicine! It helped with the pain somewhat – at least it helped me sleep through the night without the pain waking me up! But, it got worse again in the last few days and no help from the pain meds – I was up with the pain all night last night! So, I went back to the Urgent Care this morning and they took some more X-rays and asked me a bunch more questions and poked around some more……………I have a fractured rib!!! Man, that hurts!!! It hurts constantly, but is really intense when I move just right, breath in deep, or use my right arm for almost anything. They gave me some more pain medicine to get me through the nights, but there isn’t much else they can do – I just have to take it easy until it heals and that could take up to 8 weeks!!!

They used to wrap fractured ribs in a rib support thingy to restrict movement, but it also restricted deep breathing and full expansion of the lungs – which caused pneumonia!!! So, they don’t do that anymore. They only treat the pain now to help the person with a rib fracture deal with the pain while the rib heals itself.

So, that’s my drama for now — I won’t be doing cartwheels or exotic pole dancing for a while…….

Project Runway / Top Chef

OK, so last night I cheated and watched the last few minutes, so I knew that Christian won! But – today, I watched the whole show after work and discovered WHY he won! All three finalists did a fabulous job on their collections — absolutely impeccable!!! Jillian went first and I thought it was a great line – hard to beat! Then Rami went and he blew me away! Then, the finale was Christian’s line and suddenly the first two became “average” — his pieces all highlighted his flare for drama and flash! It just nailed it!!! Although there were excellent features in all, Christian took it hands down!!! Incredible!!!


Top Chef is coming back next week — all new season starts on Weds 12th at 10:00 on Bravo…… you know where I’ll be at that time! Woo Hoo!!!

Follow Up

Yep — I zonked out on the couch again and missed the season finale of Project Runway!!! I did set up the recorder, though, so I have it to watch tomorrow — but it is not the same as watching it when it fresh! I came in the den to shut down (and leave this follow up post). While I sat here, I cheated and watched the last few minutes – Christian won!!! I figured he would. I’ll watch the whole thing tomorrow to see what all three did for their final show.

For now – it is about time I went to bed!

New Blogger

OK — I know that several other bloggers have announced the new blog started by Irene Harvley-Felder and they all sang her praises!!! BUT — I feel the urge to put in my two cents here, too.

Irene is a recent addition to our Communities In Schools of Lee County family – she assumed the role of part time Program Coordinator about a month ago and we are so happy to have her! When you read her blog (http://irenefelder.wordpress.com/), you will get a taste of the quality of her work. She puts that same passion and energy into all that she tackles.

I am so glad that her creative juices will now flow in another way — for us blog enthusiasts to enjoy!

Welcome to our blog group, Irene!