What’s Bugging Me????

Good morning…. So, what’s bugging me this morning? The same thing that has been bugging me on mornings just like this since I moved into my home almost 4 years ago!

I sit in my den at my computer looking out the window at my front lawn and the short, quiet, cul de sac street that connects me and my neighbors. As I look out on mornings like this (spring/summer mornings that are not too hot, but not too cool), I witness an amazing phenomenon — a swarm of black wasp-like flying bugs hovering a few inches above my lawn. I say wasp-like cause they look sorta like a wasp, but they aren’t a wasp – maybe they are mud-wasps, not sure – but they don’t attack or sting, like a wasp does (I’ve walked through them and they don’t seem to care that I’m there at all). There are zillions of them – they blanket the entire front lawn and swirl around in circles close to the ground like they are searching for something. Occasionally, some will dive down into the grass and emerge back out after a few seconds.

It’s odd because they are only focused on the largest section of my front lawn – they don’t do their dance on the other side of the driveway or in the back yard and they don’t do it in any of my neighbor’s yards – only this one section of my front lawn! And only at this specific time of the mid-morning – I never see them early in the morning and once the day starts to warm up, they are gone and don’t return until the next morning!

What are they searching for? What makes my lawn so special to them? They aren’t a nuisance – like I said earlier, I can walk through them if I need to and don’t get stung or swarmed and they aren’t damaging the lawn, like some other pests have a tendency to do. So, I haven’t had a reason to figure out a way to get rid of them. I assume they are searching for food and if they are finding it in my lawn and it isn’t doing any damage, then I’m happy to be of service – ha-ha! They are also a source of entertainment (I think I said in an earlier post that it doesn’t take much to amuse me….. See? I really meant it!). But I do wonder what they are, what they are doing, and why my lawn??????

Another cool thing I witnessed this morning is worth noting here: I was looking out at the dancing bugs and saw two really large black birds walking down the street from the intersection toward the cul de sac. When they walked along in front of my house, they stopped. They faced my yard and watched for about a minute. Then, they turned, walked back up the street to my driveway, walked up the driveway to the garage, turned onto the sidewalk that connects my driveway and my front porch and walked along it until they got to the end and turned to enter the grassy lawn. They walked around a little among the dancing bugs and then flew back down to the street and walked off. It was so funny!!!! When I saw them walking up the driveway, I had to go look out another window to see what they were going to do because I can’t see the entire driveway or the sidewalk from my den window. I was amazed at how they took the proper path and didn’t just fly or walk onto the grass! I thought they were there to catch some of the dancing bugs (or whatever the dancing bugs were looking for) for a little snack of their own, but I didn’t see them partake in anything – they just wandered around a little and few off. I saw this same thing happen once before – that time it was 6 big black birds walking down the street and only 3 of them took the side trip up my driveway, down my sidewalk, and into my yard, while the other 3 stayed on the street and watched them – this happened last spring/summer sometime! It was equally as funny then!!!

Happy Sunday!

Remembering Elvis and Grandpa

This Thursday – August 16th – marks two very important events:

First (only by virtue that it occurred first in history) – it marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis’ death. Yes, I do recognize he’s dead and I don’t look for him to put in an appearance at some 7/11 somewhere! I was madly in love with Elvis — I remember as a young girl sitting within inches of the TV screen watching his movies and sobbing hysterically as I pretended that the girls in the movies were me and he was singing just for me!!! My favorite Elvis songs were Trouble and If I Can Dream! His recording of Amazing Grace is also a favorite – I’d like to have that and If I Can Dream played at my funeral. Favorites aside, there isn’t an Elvis song that I don’t know every word to and still melt when I hear them. I was heart broken when he married Priscilla! I was particularly fond of “black leather, ’68 come back” Elvis — talk about making a twelve year old girl weak in the knees……..WOW!!! By the time he got to Vegas and was into sequined jumpsuits, I had moved on to The Eagles, The Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd and others, but Elvis’ music still touched my heart and took my breathe away……..and it still does!!! Most people now think of him as a corny Las Vegas act and that is so sad, cause that was just a small portion of the long and amazing career of a man who helped shape Rock and Roll and lead the way for so many others to follow!

The second and most important event to occur on Thursday, August 16th is the 9th anniversary of the passing of my beloved Grandfather. Grandpa was an amazing man – he could grow anything and grow it bigger and better than anyone else! We always joked that if Grandpa touched it, it would grow like a weed!!! He was especially proud of his tomatoes – they grew HUGE and were solid and delicious! This was ironic because he wouldn’t eat a tomato or anything made with tomatoes – even if it was the only thing between him and starvation – something about they were originally thought to be poison and he just wasn’t eating them! For a while when I was little, my Mom, my brother, and I lived with my Grandparents. Grandpa was strict and had some very old fashioned ideas about how things should be done, but he was also kind and loving. I was the first grandchild and the only granddaughter – and it was apparent to me that I was the favorite – or at least he made me think that I was! (Don’t tell my brother – I think he thought HE was the favorite – ha-ha). Grandpa was an excellent bowler – he used to travel all over NY bowling in ABC tournaments and was very successful. He had a wicked curve ball that hit right in the pocket to mow those pins down for perfect 300 games more often than not. He watched me bowl and said I had his curve ball – it was a natural trait, I guess, but I never really learned how to control it like he did – I do alright, but never came close to a 300 game! He was also a math whiz – he didn’t finish school cause he had to quit in his junior year to go to work. But he was smart and great with numbers! He was so proud when I graduated from college! He worked as a foreman at the local Hunts plant for many years. The factory was just up the street from where he lived and just beyond that was Woolcott’s Dairy. I remember many times walking to Woolcott’s to buy a Pineapple milkshake to take to him on his lunch break. When he retired, he took a job as a rural newspaper deliverer. During the summers and on days I didn’t have to go to school, he used to take me along with him so I could fold the papers and put them in the boxes. We’d always stop for lunch, an orange soda, and an ice cream and he’d give me some change or a couple dollars for my “work”. He would often say “I plan to be here to sign my name in the year 2000!” We talked about how I would be up there that New Year’s Eve to witness that one!!! On August 16, 1998, Grandpa was in his garden tending to his crops when he had a stroke and died later that day. Alas, he didn’t get to sign his name in the year 2000……..

As I grew up in his house, one thing that was always present was a Seth Thomas electric mantle clock that he purchased from a jewelry store in the mid 1930s on one of his bowling trips to New York City. That clock chimed every hour and 1/2 hour all the years of my life. I have that clock – he gave it to me after my Grandmother passed away and I cherish it more than anything else I own. The chiming in my home brought such comfort and warm, fuzzy feelings for me. Sadly, it doesn’t work anymore – I have tried to get it repaired, but found that there are very few people in the entire country (none in NC or neighboring states that I can find) that work on those old electric clocks and one shop I spoke with recommended I convert it to a battery mechanism – but I don’t have the heart to do that – it would have a different chime sound and I’m sure Grandpa would not be pleased if I did that! So, I’ll just keep it as is – just the sight of it warms my heart! My brother lives in Grandpa’s house, now, and is keeping both my Grandparents alive in spirit through the pictures and furnishings in the house.

So – this Thursday, I will be remembering two major icons —- Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, and my Grandpa – bigger than life and one of the three guardian angels that watch over me and are part of my very soul (BTW – the other two are my Grandma and my Poppie)!

I love and miss you, Grandpa……..hugs and kisses!

Simple Pleasures….

I decided that I have enough thoughts for two blogs today – especially since I didn’t write anything yesterday! Not that I’m committing to write something every day – I’m sure there will be days that I have no thoughts worthy of documenting (or that are not particularly appropriate for this forum)….

I’m a generally happy person and pleased with how my life turned out – yes, there are things I would liked to have done better, but I wouldn’t change much even if I were given the chance! I believe that right, wrong, or indifferent, everything that happened before got me to where I am now, so there has to be something said about leaving the cards as they were dealt.

So – that brings me to the simple pleasures that make me smile every day!

My girls – Katie, Megan, and Amy – are absolute joys! The only thing better than having a devoted, adoring pet is having THREE devoted, adoring pets!!! They want to be by my side every second and follow me from room to room and push each other out of the way to have the chance to be closest to me! It’s a major ego boost! And, never fails to make me laugh to watch them running around the yard, playing, wrestling with each other, splashing in their wading pool — there is no way anyone can stay mad, depressed, or sad with them around!!!!

Of course, my family and friends — I am very blessed to be very close to a great circle of family and friends that bring me a ton of happiness!

Another pleasure is working with a local non-profit that focuses on helping kids stay in school and prepare for life! I believe so strongly in what they stand for and the excellent programs they offer that I spend as much of my free time as possible working to help them succeed. Right now, we’re organizing the annual fundraiser – an elegant, black tie optional event that will be absolutely fabulous -we’re working to secure sponsors and silent auction donations AND individual tickets are on sale now for $100 each!

My career is also a source of extreme pride and satisfaction — I’m doing just what I was meant to do in a rewarding career. It’s a good thing…..

Don’t get me wrong — I am not free of stress, bad days, or issues – but the simple pleasures get me through it and I look things that make me smile! It doesn’t take much to amuse me and I don’t stay down long…….. 😉

To whack or not to whack…

To whack or not to whack, that is the question…don’t worry, I don’t mean “whack” in the same way that they do on the Sopranos – no need for all my friends and acquaintances to wonder if they have gotten on my bad side recently (not that I have a bad side, but….)!!

I am referring to my hair — when I was much younger, I had really long hair and loved it – of course that was the late 60’s, early 70’s and any self respecting flower child wore their hair as long as it would grow and I could almost sit on mine! It was a really tough decision to cut it off the summer between my junior and senior year in high school. After that, I tried a few times to grow it out and did let it get about shoulder length a few times – but, hair is funny – it gets to that irritating length and you just can’t stand it and you wind up “whacking it off”!!! ha-ha So, for the most part, I have had various short styles the majority of my adult life.

Well, about a year ago, I decided I was going to let it grow and see if I could make it through the awkward stages. Low and behold, it grew fast – really fast – and I finally got it to a nice length and I’m happy with it………………….but, it’s been soooooooooooooo hot lately that I keep wondering “what was I thinking????”

A nice sassy short cut would be so much cooler, easier to take care of, and wouldn’t get all tangled up when I’m tooling around town with the top down and the wind in my hair! The other side of that coin, though, is that a sassy short cut would take away all the flexibility and alternative styling options that I have with the longer hair! Oh, how I miss Christy being just a couple cubes away to bounce these types of dilemmas off of………….ha-ha!!!!

One thing I did do was to whack off my bangs — I had grown them out, too and that was too much — cutting some light bangs back in put some shape back into it! Luckily, when I get irritated that the long hair on my neck just adds to the heat, I pin it up and realize that it won’t be this hot forever (oh please, someone confirm that it won’t be this hot forever) and I stop myself from doing something I’ll be sorry for!!

So, for now, the answer is: Not to whack!!! Hey, I can always buy a nice short sassy wig for those days I want short hair!!!

My First Post

Hello! It’s Sunday and it was a lazy day, as all Sunday’s should be! At least we had a little relief from the heat wave that we have been experiencing the past week or so. It was still pretty hot, but it was less than 100 and not as humid, so it was a welcome change.

I did manage to accomplish one very important task, though – I went to Lowes and purchased a new flusher handle for the toilet in my master bathroom! It broke this morning, so I had to do something about it! These types of things come with being a homeowner. You don’t think about them until something goes wrong and then you have to figure out what needs to be done to fix it! In this case, I thought that the chain on the flapper thingy broke – that happens quite often and I’ve changed those mechanisms many times. But, when I lifted the tank lid and looked at the flapper thingy, the chain was intact – it was just laying on the bottom of the tank! I wondered how it came loose and noticed that the lever that the chain hooks onto was corroded and the bottom edge of the first two holes was no longer there! I tried to hook it to the third hole and it disintigrated, too! So, I bought a new handle and lever. It’s prettier than the one that was on there – it was just plain and silver! The new one is white porcelain and gold – very nice looking! And, I picked one that has a brass lever that is supposed to not corrode as easily!

Other than that, the girls and I lounged around and relaxed all day! Who are “the girls”? They are my dogs – Katie, an about 3 year old Golden Retriever Mix, and Amy and Megan – sisters that are about 1 year old and “your guess is as good as mine” breed. All three were rescues and I love them dearly!

Well, there are my thoughts and adventures for today!